Sunday, March 27, 2016

I Say, It's A Spring Frock!

~ up close and with fabric scrap adornments by moi ~

Finished just in time for Sunday Brunch.   People kept smiling at me when they walked by.  Maybe it was the combination of my Koos Coat, the Spring Frock, Tangerine sox and Floral Mary Janes.  Or it was just a nice, sunny day... 

~ still waiting for that cup of chai ~

Meanwhile, here's the view of my camouflaged double pocket.  Can you make it out?

~ detail of the double pocket ~

The dress pattern is from Tina Givens, called Katarina and while I like it fine, there were some drafting issues with the pattern that need to be addressed. 

~ there's that pocket with my hand in it ~

I also added a fancy patch pocket on the other side because I'm a two pocket type of gal.

~ well, you can't see any of the back details... ~

So here's a close-up of the camouflaged elastic channels that run across the upper back giving the dress some design elemental action.

~ like my design speak? ~

And, of course

~ les sox and docs ~

Without further ado, I'm joining Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style.  Then off to Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like and Cherie's Shoe and Tell whenever they go live.  See you there!  Oh, oh, do you think I can pass for a bit of eggplant in Spygirls's 52 pick me up?  Let's try.


  1. Tis indeed a Spring frock! I have no doubt that the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing just for for you. I love all the little hidden details and your tip-to-thru-the-tulips shoes. Happy Spring to you, Pao!!

  2. You look so full of the joys of spring in that outfit,no wonder people were smiling at you.

  3. Oh, your dress is most definitely a breath of fresh spring air Pao! I love the design elemental actions and double pockets, but mostly I love the exuberance of the fabric's print! Avec les docs bien sur!

    And I'd be remiss not to mention your fun necklace and the link back to your Koos coat! Well done!

  4. that print! i die! :-))
    you look like the personification of a spring garden! great work!

  5. Agree, that print is exuberant. I see eggplant color in the aster like flowers. Very cool botanical. And your fabric wad necklace!!!! I want one!!!!!!
    Thanks for linking. You've livened things up.

  6. Spring is here, baby! Love this dress, the stealth pockets, and of course the sox and shoes. Thanks for sharing, xo


  7. Fabulous! Your outfit makes me happy - and that necklace :) :) :)
    And those shoes are awesome.

  8. I hear the birdies tweeting! You look like a breath of fresh air.

  9. I've never seen such elemental action! Freeze frame while I take a closer look. Stealthy double pocket, check. Floral spring freshness, check. Big smile, check. You're covered. Gorgeousness aplenty. A perfect spring outfit.

  10. I would like a dress that has "camouflaged elastic channels"! You are a floral party in your dress and docs. I'm a two pocket gal myself - I don't understand having just one pocket on anything; we do have two hands after all.


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