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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Separate and Turn Around Dress

Yes, that's all it took.  Some major reconstructive surgery and then everything was a-ok.  See?

~ on the dress, I'm talking about on the dress ~

I was working with the Bristol Dress from the Sewing Workshop Pattern and they always run really large.  So this time I went with one size smaller than I usually do.  uh-oh.  I ended up with a bodycon mini.  Really not my style.

I separated the top yoke from the rest of the dress and decided to add an insert across the front and back horizontally.  That lowered the whole dress to make it both longer and not so tight.  The front band is about 4 inches wide and the back is 6.  Which was cool cuz it make the back sort of swoop down in a twenties kind of way. 

~ me and my back swooping/ swanning pose ~

But first I turned the body of the skirt part around so the back was in the front and vice versa.  It's hard to explain why, but there were no side seams or front seam.  Just 2 diagonal seams running down the back over the butt which was very not flattering.  Turned around it looked cool to have those diagonals running down the front.

I know this is too much information.   But if you sew, it's interesting.  For everyone else...
~  here's an unnecessary pix to look at ~

Too loosen up the skin-tight sleeves, I happened to have 2 very long, narrow triangles of fabric sitting there and I inserted each of them in the underarm sleeve seams.  Then I only had to make a small patch for the back to fit in between the sleeve edge and the back dress edge because of that switcheroo from back to front.  And because of the intense fabric pattern you don't notice them. 

~ oh, and there's another one of my fabric scrap, stitched & beaded necklaces ~

And pockets!  Believe it or not, there were no pockets for this dress.  How ridiculous.  I meant to sew them in the diagonal seams I had turned into the front, but then I forgot and top-stitched over them.  So I used what had been the pieces cut out for the sleeve cuffs for some patch pockets and placed them as discreetly as I could.  The sleeves I just rolled up to show off the other side of the fused knit fabric which was jet black.  Same for the bias binding neckline.

~ Les sox and shoe shot ~

Have I had too much caffeine?  I'm on my way to Patti's party with the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style.  Then off to Shoe and Tell at Cherie's Style Nudge.  And finally Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like when she goes live.  I don't think I can get away with Royal Purple for Anne's 52 pick-me-up this time.  le sigh.


  1. Great result!
    Diagonal seams across the back are not good unless you're very slender - on me they emphasise bits that I'd rather they didn't.
    Love the outfit as a whole: gorgeous socks & shoes

  2. Well, no Royal Purple, instead a regal rescue! The dress is a stunner. Being a seamstress, your step-by-step process was interesting to read. You inspire me to transform the Fabric Everest into garments.
    20's silhouette rules! I'm there with you!

  3. You're a sewing surgeon! I got lost in the process, but the end result is fab. Beautiful fabric! Thanks for linking, xox


  4. What an awesome piece!

    I adore the fabric you chose.


  5. Clap-clap-clap! Fabulous save! That fabric is amazing and it would've been sad if the dress ended up as a wadder. And you successfully sewed a knit too.

  6. As I don't sew, my brain was not processing your details about the construction of the dress, but, I really like the final product, and you would never know it underwent so much re-construction. Cool fabric, I like that it has a solid colour backing to allow for cuff rolling. Everything should have pockets!!

  7. Beautiful fabric, but too complicated for me to follow as to how this eventually came about! I love the hosiery and shoes too x

  8. I'm getting a bit of a 1920's surrealist vibe here. From your swooping 20's behind to your constructivist sox. Even the colors are a bit arts and crafts. I think you may have fallen through a sewing time loop just like the one in the Woody Allen movie "Midnight in Paris." Tres Chic.

    1. Oooh...I wanna fall through this sewing time loop too!

  9. You're very hip you know! Yep...really cool and I'd totally wanna hang out with you if I lived in your hood.

    I just love how you noodle around with your garments and end up with pieces that are so much greater, better, more awesome than they ever could be in mere mortals' hands.

  10. i totally know the situation :-) sometimes some turning and snipping and adding panels do create fabulous garments!!! like the fantastic dress here! totally jazz age flapper you are!
    with pucci socks! swoon!

  11. Long time reader/lurker, but I just had to comment on this. You hit it out of the park with this one. ...fabric, pattern, and the happy accident fix!

    1. Oh thanks for making contact Alexandra. I tried to get back to you, but couldn't get through. Hope you get back in touch with your blog address.

  12. I love that oversized print and all the interesting seam lines!

  13. Dang those socks and shoes are blowing my mind!!! You're the queen of cozy couture

  14. Okay, Pao, why don't you just sew something standing on your head so you don't have to keep switching stuff around? Hahaha!! Brilliant the way you can do that. Gorgeous dress. I'm glad it worked out for you. And I love the way the pattern on your socks matches up.