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Monday, January 9, 2017

Deep Velvet & The 3 Tops

First Showing:

~ me freezing ~

Yeah, it's a sunny day and 6 below zero again.   So we'll be quick.

I made this deep blue velvet kimono (they call it that on the pattern, Shelley) Simplicity 4134 and self-drafted the skirt a couple months ago. 

~ SEE? ~
And I can't find anything to wear with it!  This is my third attempt at making a shirt/ top/ blouse for it.

~ Okay, that's it, I'm going inside ~

But wait, let me show you each and every one of the 3 Tops I labored over.

~ Shirt #3 ~

The most recent make from McCalls 7472, a mish-mash of all of the views and then some of my own modifications (like those wing things).  The fabric is a rayon crinkle crepe and it's slit up to the hip on the sides.  You've already seen it with the kimono over it.

Second Showing:

~ Top #2 ~

Used an Issey Miyake Vogue pattern 2922, view B with minor alterations.  The fabric is a gorgeous abstract print on china silk.  I'm so full of static!

~ and with kimono ~
and my hair is too!

Third and Final Showing:

~ I surrender.  Oh, Top #1 ~

 From Vogue 7853 with some alterations, using a firecracker red with cobalt blue peachskin fabric.

~ and with kimono ~

I can't take anymore and I'm sure you're more bored than I was.  But puleeze.  Tell me, which works best, if any.  Or what do you suggest?  I kinda think it needs something that does a layering thing, like shows underneath the jacket.  Or maybe not wear the jacket with the matching skirt.  Or maybe I need to rework the jacket itself.  Or................................

~ I'm with him ~

That's Ronde Cat, exhausted from the whole endeavor.

~ okay, well here's the blue velvet fake docs from ebay ~
and it's a wrap.

Except for heading on over to Patti's and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style and then Catherine's I Will Wear What I Want.  See you all there!


  1. I LOVE the china silk. Beautiful print. Just ground yourself on the banister as you go out! It's cold here, too, but way way warmer than 6 below.

  2. I must with Coco. The China silk looks great over the skirt and also peeping out from under the jacket.

  3. Works well with the firecracker red blouse. Perhaps you could alter the blouse - add a frill for some depth to show beneath the jacket?

  4. BTW the china silk is beautiful but the firecracker red blouse lifts your skin tone x But, the pics and the computer screen may not be doing either justice!

  5. All look fabuloso to me, but my personal fave is the Issey Miyake pattern, both with and without the kimono. Love that skirt you created, xox


  6. You have been a busy beaver, haven't you? I like all the combos. Yeah, no help, I know. That velvet is luscious!

  7. What does one wear to best complement a velvet suit? Well, you've got some great options and it's always good to have options! I think all 3 work beautifully and I love them all for different reasons. The orange tunic is a great length and very fun, the silk print is gorgeous and elegant and the red and blue is so vibrant, so they all project different moods and they all work with the velvet as do the doc martin's. You you could ditch the kimono but I love this non-traditional suit.

  8. I think they all look great! I love all the fabrics, their combinations, and the shapes. The only thing I might change would be to shorten the jacket slightly so that there was always a layer of the blouse below it. I think a slightly shorter jacket would still work with the longer blouse too. I'd play around with maybe shortening only the front, or the front more than the back, of the jacket. Maybe a curve rather than a straight hem, but maybe not. I do appreciate the matching boots!

    1. Yes, yes, that's it! It's the jacket that doesn't work/ I don't like. It's too boxy. Thanks for your insight, Radostin. I'm on it.

  9. i like all the tops!
    but the down end of the jacket is like made from wood - to stiff and thick. would made a more rounded seem - maybe shorter in front, starting at the lapel - and longer in the back? and just a soft facing made of a bias tape from some thin taffeta..... handsewn to hold it up&inside instead of machine stiching thru the velvet.......
    can you understand my wonky sewing english?

    1. And yes I can understand and I agree. I added that trim around the bottom to echo the skirt edge, but it doesn't work on the jacket. Shortening the jacket and adding a curve is just the answer I think. Suggesting hand-sewing it is a good idea too, especially on velvet on a bias. ooo, I'm all excited about it again. Thanks!

  10. Oh you guys, your comments have been so helpful to me. It made me realize that all the tops were fine and not the problem at all. And I knew there was one, but just hadn't figured it out yet. I knew I liked the skirt a lot. But hadn't come to terms with the fact that the kimono wasn't happening. And with your help, I know what I can do to make it all rock and roll! yeah.

  11. I think the white with the Chinese looking pattern looks best

  12. I like the first long one as it breaks up the dark blue and provides more interest. The jacket band isn't an issue for me, it look great.

  13. Love the colour of the firecracker red one against the blue, but as an outfit, I really like the first photo with the long shirt/tunic hanging well below the jacket creating multiple layers and breaking up the large expanse of blue.

  14. Again, I so appreciate all your comments on this post especially. It really helps give me a better perspective when I've posted something too soon, you know, before it's had a chance to marinate in my closet. That was great!!