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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Must Wear for the Women's March

~ a hand-made Pussyhat ~

Yeah, I was one of the 250,000 who marched downtown Chicago on a sunny, 60 degree day.

~ it started in Grant Park ~

 those multi-colored teeny dots are people, people!

~ see? ~

~ 300+ acres nestled between Lake Michigan and Downtown Chicago ~

The 50,000 that were expected soon grew 3x that and the march part was cancelled.   Apparently no one told the participants, or, they didn't care.  People started leaving the park and took to the streets and the original march route.

~ spilling across Michigan Ave. and down Jackson Blvd.~

~ only the L was moving, the buses and cars were stopped in their tracks ~

~ everyone was friendly ~

~ no one was harassed or arrested ~

~ not even these rowdy folks! ~

~ can you find me? ~

~ I'm the one with the pink hat and the lady bag ~

~ yeah, I'm walking to the beat ~

~ and I'm following this sign ~
 source for most pix;
others as noted,
or they're mine.

Being that I'm so Visible and Fashionably dressed, I'm heading on over to join Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's I Will Wear What I Want, dagnabit, when they go live.  Oh, oh, I have a hat on so I'm off to join Judith and her Hat Attack!  Hope to see all of you there!

*This just in:  U.S. cities & worldwide totals of 1-21-17 march attendance



  1. You wear that pink hat so well!

    Amazing turnout! Never underestimate the power of women.

  2. Now they've pissed off Grandma! Woman power is power for everyone. You go. Just got my pink hat today, too late for the marches but I intend to wear it all month. xox


  3. Project Minima

    Hey! I found older Project Minima pics through googling about my current obsession - Tina Givens-esque and L'atelier des Ours clothing. Glad to see you're still making and posting!

    The PussyHats are reminiscent of Schiaparelli's little rectangular knit hats, I forget what they're called. And of course 'shocking pink' was her signature color. Yours looks great, love it!

    I'm in Chicago too...wasn't the weather on Saturday crazy-gorgeous?! Thanks for reporting on the march and for the great pics!

    1. Hi Lisa, Yeah, I'm still here doing my thing.
      I've heard the Schiaparelli reference, but haven't seen the original.
      I know, the goddess was with us here in Chicago Saturday. The weather was wonderful for just that day.
      So do you have a blog so I can see your current obsession of clothing?

  4. Thank you for the link. I had heard about the Washington march but not about the one in my own city! I had not heard about the hats. I am going to make one because this movement won't go away. I care about the right to safety and freedom of choice and equal educational opportunities for women.

    1. Hey Valerie, It's never to late to join the women's movement for human rights.

  5. Chicago had a tremendous turnout for the march. I'm so proud of all the people who took to the streets to channel their anger and frustration into something positive and empowering.

    1. Yes, it felt good to be there with all the others moving toward a similar goal. Much better than being in isolation and feeling powerless, for sure!

  6. YES!!!
    I was in DC!
    The solidarity is friggin awesome. Now to write letters. The "comment' line at the WH is shut down.

    1. Virtual high five, Carol S. What a surprise about the WH comment line. Not.
      One can only image what his twittering will be about this march. His first press conference after the inauguration announced he had more people in the Mall than Obama did! Have you see the pix? Chicago had more people attend the Women's March than attend his thing. That's the beginning of the official WH fake news.
      Hey, what's you blog address, if I haven't asked before?

  7. BRAVO!!!!!!
    i´m in awe how much women/people joined the march! this is so gorgeous! (i fear here it would´t be like that....)

    1. Yes it felt good to be involved. Who knows where it will go...

  8. The power of women coming together all across the country for the Women’s March was simply amazing! Your hat is a great statement piece, plus it looks soft and cozy! Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    1. Thanks for hosting Hat Attack, Judith. It's not often I can participate since I'm usually hatless. But I was ready this time.

  9. Way to go, ladies.That's utterly brilliant. I wonder what the orange tw*t thought of it all.
    Looking stylish and fabulous. xxx

  10. I am way up in the Canadian woods so I couldn't march but I did make a donation to the Women's March on Washington. Thanks to all who marched for me. Hope as many women decide to strike on March 8th.