Saturday, March 11, 2017

I got nothing.

~ painting by Adrian Waggoner ~

It's not that I haven't been sewing.  I have.  A lot.  I even have some pictures.

But I don't like them.                                                                  Nope.

So you haven't seen any...                                                          

I seem to be all discombobulated.  Is that a word?  I guess so, spell-check didn't light up.

I've been going to a zillion workshops the last couple months.  My ceus (what are they?) Continuing Education Units for my LCPC (License Clinical Professional Councilor) are due by the end of the month.  I was thinking of just letting my accreditations go...but no.

So far it's been: 
  • Cleansing the Collective Unconscious Post-Election 
  • Soul-tending
  • If Not Now, When?
  • Further Explorations of Consciousness
  • Narcissism and The Mana Personality

to put it in a nutshell.  hehheh.   I just signed up for whatever was there until I had my total.   and then stopped.

I get to turn 65 in a few months.  So does my True Love.  So there's that.  Social Security, Medicare, applications, decisions, and if there will be any by the time POTUS gets done with it.

My sewing:  
  • I've done an Issey Miyake top and skirt.  I don't know if I really like it.  I guess I think I should.  The fabric's weird.  
  • What else?  Oh, I made a black and blue knit turtle neck dress based on a free pattern from the internet.  I guess it's okay.  I've worn it twice.   
  • I made a gray twill crop top, Leola by Tina Givens to go with my Phoebe pants of the same fabric.
  • Also a blue/gray stretch mesh print long tank top to wear underneath it.   It's fine.  
  • I made the Sam Shirt/Dress by Tina Givens from some springy rayon fabric.  I'm not totally sure about it.  
  • I made 3 other pieces that were wadders, but not my fault.  I was pattern testing and the patterns weren't really test-able yet.
  • I think there's a few others, but I can't remember them now... 

Okay then,
Over and out.


  1. Oh Pao, I feel your pain. I get the I-made-this-but-not-sure-I-like-it-itis too!
    It seems such a shame after all the work put in. But maybe you will turn a corner soon and see them with new eyes.
    Love the workshop titles! Sounds interesting!
    Turning 65 is big and yet also just another year. Life goes on as they say.
    Sending hugs, Jazzy Jack

  2. Life and keeping-your-accrediataions up to date have gotten in the way of my sewing & blogging too. Priorities like paying the bills took precedence. Re the 'meh' sewing projects at least you admit to having them..a lot of bloggers don't!

  3. I totally understand your trepidation for the future but just hang in there. It's not so bad on the other side of that rather arbitrary number! So maybe your new clothing makes just need some time and a fresh perspective? And congrats on sewing a knit!

  4. Sounds like there's more "Meh" than excitement over your way, and I feel ya sister. I got nothing over here too, and I don't sew, and haven't taken any workshops! I keep telling myself that I'm working on a new blog post...

  5. So...does that mean you'll retire? I quit my last job and I've been having trouble finding another job since. I've discovered that I like having time away from the stresses of work far too much but I need to have an income again. But I realised whatever job I get, I need a life/balance. I make things and never post them either. I just get lazy about photographing them, blogging about them, etc. I also have clothes that like you, I think meh...could be better. However, I have a dress I made that I really need to post about.

  6. At least you've sewn something even if you're not feeling the result.. All I've managed is replacing zips and mending hems. I'm collecting patterns but lacking the motivation to do anything with them.
    Maybe the joint birthday celebrations will bring renewed vigour? xxx

  7. Wait a minute... you're 64? Frigging sweet! I had no idea!!

  8. I'm only 58, I'm a baby! Wheeeee!
    (I am the oldest of everyone I know but my sis and my inlaws, who are still around)
    This winter is hard. Teen at home is depressed. We are underemployed. Sewing is not providing the happy place. Marriage is icky. Sadville.
    I beg you to take a photo of the Miyake, so I can take notes. It's my obsession, I am going to sew them all. Or you could sew them for me.....

    we will get through this. We got through Nixon!

    1. Our lives sound remarkably the same at this point...only I'm unemployed and nearly 51. Life has been very icky lately.

  9. This is really funny. I've been sewing a lot, too, and have zero interest in photos of myself. Maybe some day. Meanwhile, 65?! That is a big deal!! Happy happy birthday to you and your love. My guy turned 67! I just turned 63 and massive amounts of cake and booze were consumed. We are the future, my dear!

  10. I often sew things I don't post. I suppose I don't imagine anyone be interested - it's probably something we all go through. I'd like to see your clothes - they always cheer me.
    You might enjoy an article in The Guardian online (I think you can get it in the US). It's about hope and why we should keep going. It really brightened me up.

  11. Should have said, why we should keep going on protesting despite the depressing political times.

  12. Well, from the doldrums to the great new BLUE post you put up. (I seem to be travelling backwards a lot lately.) But I am sorry to hear that you hadn't been FEELING it. I've been tinkering at best, blaming everything on the weather, although that only goes so far. I think you are feeling better now, at least I hope I'm right...

  13. Thank you, thank you everybody for taking the time to reply to my I Got Nothing post. You're the best!


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