Monday, February 20, 2017

You Move Me.

I've been shifting and sifting.

  • Have you seen this?
oonaballoona | by marcy harriell | All This Useless Beauty
~ All This Useless Beauty ~

Just click on the photo title to read it.  Yes.

  • And this.

If the embedded video doesn't work for you, just click on the link below...,Prabal-Gurung-Women-s-Autumn-Winter-2017-18-collection-in-New-York-.html#.WKswYX-YLoK

  • Even Cleveland lists a few good, thought-provoking things at the end of her imaginary outfit post, here.  Be sure to click on each one, I'm telling ya.  It's at the end of her post.

  • The response from Lyn of Accidental Icon to commentor, Marlena's question about fashion consumption and inequality is at the end of her Fashion Body+Desire post.

  • Relax and enjoy the overthetop satire of Braindead on netflix (or wherever you can get it).  Of course CBS cancelled it after 1 season...

  • a poem:
But, think of winter, oh this secret
retreat of the earth where
in the bold withdrawal of sap
courage gathers among the dead,
courage for future springs,
where below the rigidity
imagination unfolds,
where the outworn green of past summer days
turns into new inspiration
and into the mirror of what will be...

Someone told me it was by Rilke, then someone else said Rumi.  I don't know...but it moves me.

  • So, how's it going for you? 

I'm going over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, before it's too late.  Come on by.


  1. Lots of uplifting stuff here, Pao. Mwah!! Is Braindead a documentary? Heh. I'm clutching beauty over here wherever I can.

    1. Braindead seems like a documentary, but afraid not, that's probably why it was cancelled.
      I had to post these things for myself, so I could keep on keeping on. (Hope it works!)
      mwah x 2 back atcha.

  2. Wow! Oonaballoona is gorgeous - I want that outfit!! xxx

    1. I know! I luv what she wrote and what she made. Absolutely fabulous.

  3. Great links, and lots of comfort. I love that Oonaballoona thinks of Manhattan as an island (well, it is, but it's so connected) of respite from the daily pain. Thanks for linking, xo


    1. Thanks for being there hosting the Visibles, Patti. It means a lot.

  4. I loved checking all the links. Oonaballoona was fabulous. Thanks for doing this - we need a bit of cheer this side of the Atlantic too.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to check things out, Norma. Yes, we all need a good Cheer.

  5. Thanks for the thought-provoking and uplifting stuff Pao! We need beauty and positivity now more than ever. Oonaballoona is lovely!

    1. It's all yours, Shelley. I know I more than needed it! again and again and again...


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