Project Minima:

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Day 14 MMM'19: Ahh, That's Better

 This ensemble came together just like that.
~ I wasn't sure about the shoes at first, but thought what the heck? ~

I've never, ever thought to wear these pieces together before.

Now that's the way I like it...
~ uhuh ~

I made the dress long ago from some lovely Batik fabric using Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8876 pattern.   I've made it twice so far, here and here. It seems very large now.  Oh well, I could easily take it in seeing that it has all princess seams.

~ here's the pants ~

I've worn these many times before.  Here's the last time I wore ,or rather posted, about them, I believe.   Silk dupioni harem pants modified from Sandra Betzina's Vogue 1355 pattern.

~ a closer view of colors and textures ~

And the centerfold

~ my Docs from ebay ~

Catherine of I Will Wear What I Want just went live, so I'm joining the party.  Come on by!

'til we meet again,

Let's catch up with Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style, too.  It's been awhile.


  1. Pimply shoes! Yay!
    I looove the colour combinations in this tunic and how well the pants pick up the colour.
    Don't you love when restrictions bring new ideas?
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Major goose bumps. How could I resist? Yes, the fabric is terrific in all sorts of ways. That's why I do MMM, it makes me do things I would not have thought of before. It's like magic!

    2. maybe you should call it MMMM (me made may magic)??! :)

      btw, love how you kept the selvage on pant ankles. and those doc's are fierce! i've always admired your excellent ebay finds in the shoe dept.

    3. And it sounds good too, mmmmm. Yes, I luv to use selvage ends whenever I can. And these shoes look so not Docs, or Docs Gone Wild.

  2. Wow! Love that batik. You have some magical fabric finds.

    1. Yes, it has the best of everything. I bought it when the fabric store just down the block from me went out of business with everything at 90% off!!! (a loss I'll never recover from).

  3. I want those shooooooooooooes. To replace my donated ones. I see that this is going to be a very vague ebay search but shooooooooes.

    I've got that pattern, I stare at it, I don't make it. I'll get there, and this is helping.

    1. You just have to shoe pray every day. Regarding the pattern, it runs very large. Like size down at least 4 sizes. Truly, and it won't be fitted, just not ginourmous.

  4. These pieces look MARVELOUS together! Fab colours, and of course, THE SHOES!

    1. Yeah, it's always a surprise. Sometimes great, sometimes not so good.