Project Minima:

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That would be from September, October and November in reverse chrono order.  Just click on the Bold Type to get back to the post...  To view the other seasons, just scroll to the bottom of this page and click on that season.

Items from PROJECT MINIMA: Year 4, 2nd Qtr  (9-1-14 / 11-31-14)

with some items not yet posted

Lace tablecloth dress

front collar detail

sleeve pleat

back view

back collar

back hem line and pleats

Mizono Dress

with self-made bias tape


jacket made from another pattern and improvised

with bias tape and ruched sleeves

Mizono pattern for dress

and variation of crop top

Embroidered tablecloth kimono jacket

and back

detail of embroidery and self-made bias tape

From 12-15-14  Nothing Dramatic Here
flannel shirt dress/ top #1
chiffon added pocket with ribbon trim, removed collar, floral cotton peblum

blue thread stitched mending, floral drapery button placket

grey small wale corduroy with selvedge edge for skirt

back view

floral bias tape across horizontal back seam

 floral drapery mid section & cuffs

From 11-30-14  The ULTIMATE Dress
My Golden Brown Flannel Shirt Dress
Worn on Thanksgiving Day

mid-section and
unfinished hemline left to ravel
cap sleeves from scraps of embossed suede and lace trim

sleeve arm front

and back made from leftover silk brocade
back view
top back
and bustle
I decided a slip was in order.  The dress just ended too abruptly at the hem for my taste.

slip made from sari fabric given to me
close up of top
and bottom pleat in front
back of sari fabric made into slip
This is how the dress looks with the underslip peaking out at neckline and hemline
slip showing at top
and bottom.
That's it folks.  Needless to say, these were all self-drafted as I went along and all made from previously loved fabrics.  The skirt portion was once a tablecloth!

From 11-21-14  She Wore Blue Flannel

blue flannel shirt +
bodice with sheer floral frayed collar, pocket band, + added pocket

tulle overlay skirt section

back view

back view - doodad


bloomers with removable pocket

From 11-9-14  Flannel Shirts: Better Than Ever
yellow flannel shirt top +

covered with stretch mesh op-art fabric scraps

silk brocade curtain scrap fabric pleated and zig-zagged to shirt top

added cuff from tablecloth border and pocket from dress sleeve

the other side...

skirt part of top with drapey hemline

back view

with gathered/pleated bustle
leather bow and buckle from old sandals

back skirt view.

off-color photo of red slinky knit dress

ditto of hemline


pink slip to go under sheer knit dress

back view

self bias binding neckline

high/low hemline

C view modified for slip

From 10-20-14  Another Accidental Animal Encounter

stretchy mesh dress - front

and back view
front top

and back
pleated hemline
pattern used, lengthened and with sleeves added

From 10-12-14  David Bowie: Fashion Icon

the Bowie Ensemble
pink flannel underslip made from donated fabric
with added lace to face neckline and sleeves

and strengthen weak areas of cloth
Left the hem to ravel
loosely based on view C

tunic based on Tina Givens free Bloom Dress pattern
with added cowl neckline using selvedge edges

and added pleats to sleeves using selvedge edges

and added gathers at hemline

tunic back view

The vest adapted from Tina Givens Becca Pattern

with added bias cut cap sleeves

and S's handmade clasps

vest hemline using selvedge edges

Back view of vest

and collar/ outside facing
I was also wearing the Koos Coat I made sometime earlier during Project Minima.

from the fabric stash
using view A

From 10-6-14  May I Present to you

tablecloth dress

front necklne pleat

drawstring on sleeves

drawstring hemline

From 9-21-14  Speaking of Big Clothes
rehabbed big dress from 3 tablecloths
back view

the joining
sleeve pleat with covered button

camisole/ mini slip
detail of lace panel insert
riffing from pattern tank top

Re-rehabbed Sgt. PepperTunic
and flayed out

rehabbed pillowcase tunic
with lace front pockets
and new lace sleeves

Items from PROJECT MINIMA: Year 3, 2nd Qtr (9-1-13 / 11-31-13)

braided necklace from knit scraps...
and old earrings

high/low skirt with refashioned waistband/ yoke
made from knit fabric scrap
necklace from sheer ribbon

lost earrings sewn on

my fantastic tie-dyed elephant zip-up dress!

close-up of cap sleeve/ shoulder action

awesome collar and brooch I made long ago that matches perfectly

back view. 

from Marcy Tilton Vogue pattern.


with side seam pockets

and Kimodo (?) dragon sleeve top

from Mizono Vogue pattern

Striped knit top with leather suspenders

and black gauze skirted dress

all folded up on each side and held by a button

a mauve-ish dotted swiss sort of peasent-y blouse

from a fabric scrap given to me by my hairdresser

it has sheer-ability

modified from this Simplicity pattern

an impossible to see Marcy Tilton designed top

close-up of collar & groovy shell buttons

mysterious back asymmetrical peplum -like thingy in back
and the Marcy Tilton pattern

Items from PROJECT MINIMA: Year 2, 2nd Qtr (9-1-12 / 11-30-12)

From 11-30-12  I've Been (Couture) Altered
Major refashion of Asianesque made-from-scratch top
facing fabric added
with just enough from my stash

my new made-from-scratch brown corduroy pink pinstrip skirt!

check out the groovy hemline that bows inward

and the humongous pockets!
notice I used 2 dif colors of zips - it's what I had on hand
and the groovy hemline from the back!
Used the Marcy Tilton for Vogue pattern shown below.  This time I went the opposite route and used the smallest size available and it fit perfectly.  yea.

pinwale corduroy made-from-scratch baggy pants
with deep pockets
and knee darts
from this pattern - although the sizing was weird and I had to remove 10 inches from width!!!

pinwale corduroy made-from-scratch and modified from pattern top
back view
revamped color and front pleat
pattern started from and greatly altered as I went.

From 11-5-12  Young Girl and Her Mother?

Jacket & pants started out as pictured on model...using suede cloth with taffeta for trim
refashioned to fit by adding fabric from my stash as side inserts...
up into the sleeves as a gusset and relocating the button to center front

added same fabric to shoulders as decorative embellishment
turned pants into long straight skirt by removing most of center seam

but keeping the bottom half of the front and back seam open as a kick pleat

From 10-31-12  Animals and Angels
old chain & missing earrings
mom's old pearls & toy dinos
dinos glamed up

piece of art called "Angel"
made into necklace with shredded copper fabric
found stuffed fabric kitty
stitched together into a brooch

From 10-26-12  Some Bugs and Barbie
Barbie accessories necklace

golden beetle on a rope
up close
bug brooch
with pearl eyes

pinned onto pearls


mom's elbow length knitted & pearl decorated gloves - now whitened, darned & mended

From 10-17-12  From the Treasure Trove
bits of lace & trim collar
metallic thread, wire and bead choker

From 10-4-12  A Bit of This and That
old light putty-colored suede tie shoes...
now painted sky blue & light peach with metallic copper ribbon ties!
old shoes before, and in process
now recovered with fake alligator oxblood-colored fabric!
made-from-scratch kimono top re-refashioned with...
patch pockets added, snap closures removed
and puffy sleeves redone to slim silhouette!
found transparent print shirt with back & front darts removed to fit.
re-refashioned again to remove sleeves
 more alterations on made-from-scratch shift

and my lipstick lady boots with way more flowers to cover split seams!

From 9-29-12  Monochromatic Wine...?
front end view of previously messed up black suede shoes
now painted red and magenta with gloss medium overall

From 9-17-12  Kimono With Loafers
Previously boring black loafers...
refashioned into dashing electric blue ones!
the end.

From 9-13-12 Shoe Be Do Be Do...
Front/ Top view of upcycled oxfords

sexy side view of same
and a back end + inside view.

Front end view of upcycled violet mary janes

Classic side view

and in-your-face back end view.

From 9-8-12 Back to School Day
my upcycled copper oxidized shoes

my linen shift and necklace rehab
detail of side inserts, crochet lace hem and pocket trim
necklace made out of a bunch of junk
detail of pendant that I colored with nail polish!

Items from PROJECT MINIMA: Year ONE, 2nd Qtr. (9-1-11 / 11-30-11)

From 11-30-11 Pant Skirt
My original gauchos
now with 6 inches of cool fabric added
detail of paisley-lace suede insert
and my new skants as they hang out

mirror image of my kimono nightgown
made from my old flannel sheets
the lap of comfort

From 11-19-11 Stitch n' Bitch
Kimono Style Dress from Japanese Pattern Book
detail of silver fishnet overlay on center panel and the neck facing  

detail of sleeve lining - each one a different fabric!
detail of hem with another fabric scrap

From 11-12-11 Pump Up the Plaid, People!
Before:  a hand-me-down flannel shirt

mirror image of my flannel pants reformation! disguise as fall leaves

detail of shirt pant cuff

From 11-8-11 Not Your Everyday Ladies Boots
Hot Pink Lipstick Boots with added roses

Detail of glued on  rose embellishments

Before: with white stretch marks at seams
See my Clothes Collages page, for what I wear them with...

and on another note...
herringbone stockings with a hole and run get treated...

with hand sewn sequins and seed beads as a cover-up!

From 11-3-11 Never Say Never or A Rose is A Rose...
Cloth applique glued (& pinned to dry) on stained suede shoe

Snipped out rose from Mom's old sweatshirt

Here's another rose ready to glue on the non-stained shoe

One rose applique glued & drying, the other placed and ready to go

From 10-26-11 Paper Party!
Reader Newspaper front page folded in half  for clutch bag

the back view with ribbon trim sewed on edges

and view of back page inside zippered pocket

From 10-24-11 Tweak! Tweak!
Reading Glasses Rehab - nail polish dots and stripes

Gold Acyrlic Paint rubbed on shoes for antiqued look

Navy Leather Lace-up Shoe/Boots -  Pearlized
Black Combat Boots - Velvet Cuffed
Reading Glasses - Antiqued Gold

From 10-23-11 Life is But a Dream (sh-boom)
rehabbed petit pants
detail of additional lace
 and a surprise "before and after"....
a sports bra once upon a time

turns upside down and into a garter belt!

yep, with velcro garter tabs for removeability... needed on the black sports bra turned garter belt

From 10-19-11 Ladies with an Attitude
rehab of black petit pants to fit

detail of stretch lace side inserts

From  10-13-11 Work It, Work It Good
my ombre harem pants

detail of side insert

detail of pant leg  fabric

See me wearing 'em on my Clothes College page, "Picasso's Actor & Moi"

From 10-12-11 Re-modeling Drawers
rehab of taupe drawers into lace bloomers

detail of lace bloomers
See my Clothes Collage page for what I wear over them

From 10-10-11 One Way or Another
mattress garters (white) reassembled onto sundries

my handy-dandy brooch display

1 of 2 necklace hangers

My whitened baby kimono and bonnet, as compared to Christening gown

and my whitened wedding dress

See, no more stain!

From 10-6-11 Poetic Revival
old poet's shirt with new lacing and hi/lo hemming

detail of  leather lacing and attached silk leaves

detail of hi/low hemming

the tiny rosary case as necklace on silk ribbon

rosary case opened with tiny, tiny rosary inside

back view of rosary case necklace - silk ribbon & beads

From 10-3-11 It's A Sports Skirt!?
 sweatshirt fabric skirt rehab
detail of yoga pants stripe addition
ditto other side addition

Asian-esque vest rehabbed from fitted asymmetrical closure...

to single frog closure in center front + detail of fabrics

Linen bolero with added chiffon inserts and frog closure

detail of matching brown chiffon side insert

From 9-27-11 A Two-For Today
Asian-esque top with side inserts added

Leopard spots meet Japanese print

Sheer dress redo redone with all navy lace removed

detail where skirt meets bodice (and brown mid-section is removed)
See my Clothes Collage page to see what I put together with this

From 9-25-11 Name That Color 
Old linen skirt with side panels added to fit

detail of side insert
and decorative "applique" to cover stain

detail of applique
See my Clothes Collages page for what I've worn with it.

Skirt from Vogue pattern with ribbon tied with silk flower buds

back view showing darted "bowing" aspect of skirt
See my Clothes Collage page, "All Floral All the Time," for a full look!

From Sew Asian 9-21-11
After releasing facings, pressing outward & hand hemming
Draped open here.  Overlapped and closed above.

From Tricked Out Pony 9-20-11
Believe it or not, I bought this a dozen years ago...

I've added that one skinny pink ribbon hanging right there in the middle!

and found this pink paisley fabric for side inserts so I could fit into it
And see it with an outfit on my Clothes Collage page under "Classical Figures Screen"

From 9-16-11 It's A Wrap
Skirt created from a single piece of fabric - no sewing!

Detail of tied knot in front - but could be worn on side or even the back!

Detail of  skirt "hem" which is just the frayed edge of  the fabric

De-constructed old fitted mini-dress into loose tunic top

Detail of crazy-looking cotton fabric & check out that fringe!

Old taupe Mandarin-style blouse re-configured

as a top with lace added to extended facings-turned-lapels

detail of lace hand sewn and pieced on embossed silk fabric of top

From 9-10-11 Ode to A Grecian Slip
Sheer black nylon/chiffon slip

detail of slip bodice draping goddess-style

From 9-8-11 Hand Me Downs
Hand sewn Christening Gown and Cap made by Mom for baby me

detail of top of Christening gown - lace has yellowed

detail of back with hand-stitching on satin gown

hand sewn satin underslip for Christening gown

quintessential pink baby dress made by Mom for me

with obligatory hand sewn cotton slip for underneath

 and adorable hand sewn baby bonnet by Mom for little me



  1. What can I say except I am wonder-struck! I am so inspired to keep sewing my own creations which are so much this style. Thanks so much for the thrill of seeing your fabulous creations!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Joanne. Do you have a blog I can stop by and see your work?

  2. Hi I just love your work! You have inspired me not to just follow a pattern blindly.

    Deanna in Australia

    1. Hi Deanna, Glad to be a inspirator for you!