Project Minima:

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Here are the clothes refashioned in SPRING March, April & May - in reverse chrono order.  Just click on the highlighted title to get back to that post.  To view clothes from previous seasons, scroll to bottom of page and click on season.

Items from PROJECT MINIMA:  Year THREE, 4th Qtr. (3-1-14 / 5-31-14)

Tablecloth House Dress #2 - front

Smocking at center top

Big Pockets!

detail of small appliques covering stains/ holes

detail of large appliques covering stains

Tablecloth House Dress #2 - back

Back top

detail of multiple appliques covering seam line

Lower back with appliques covering center seam line

detail of multiple appliques covering center seam line

pattern used for house dress

rain coat front - snapped closed

partially snapped

showing groovy lining

hand sewn snap tape & check out those cap sleeves!

back view with hood

pattern adapted for rain coat

From 5-6-14  A French House Dress You Say?
made from 3 old tablecloths

bodice with sleeves and front panel = 2 tablecloths

smocking on front panel

close-up of huge pocket

back view

close-up of collar and upper back

another close-up

and the very easy Marcy Tilton pattern

From 4-21-14  I Made Stockings

pieced one-of-a-kind stockings

close-up of feet section
and close-up of top bands

pattern for stockings

From 4-5-14  Layering Underthings

slip dress

seam-binding made from fabric stash

pattern used for slip dress

kimono cover-up

with beaded fringe hem

cover-up partial came from this pattern

dark gray underslip

with pink lace trimmin'


slip came from this pattern, sort of

And this is all of them put together:
front view

back view

see how the underslip shows a bit of lace at the neckline?

and at the hem?  luv that.

From 3-24-14  Ladies and Gentlemen...

Black gauze asymmetrical snap dress


back view

selvedge hemline

blouse pattern turned into dress

great downloaded tights

by independent pattern maker

Items from PROJECT MINIMA:  Year TWO, 4th Qtr. (3-1-13 / 5-31-13)

From 5-20-13  With the Fishes

made from my fabric stash

all on the bias

a Koos design

pattern used for kaftan

From 5-12-13  Mom Trip

pattern used for nightgown

From 4-29-13  Koo-Koo for Koos

Koos designed big dress made from a variety of stash fabrics

back view

close up of front applique, band, ties and ribbon ruffle

detail of bias binding and welt pockets

section of bias insert on sleeves

The pattern.

Kimono made from donated Asian tablecloth

and back view

joined with self-made piping

close-up of kimono sleeve

and cat pin

pattern source
front view
and back view

cargo harem pants made from donated boudoir curtains

details of side pockets
pattern source

From 4-15-13 Cherry Pickers
Cotton cherry top made-from-scratch

with black piping added around the knotted collar
and cuffed sleeves (my brilliant idea)
close up of cherries and buttons
adapted from Katherine Tilton's pattern

From 4-9-13  Here I Come To Save the Day

my tulip jacket

made from scrap of vintage drapery

hand-made piping refashioned from another pair of curtains

using scrap yarn for the cording

From 3-19-13  March's Ms. March
purple knit tee made from scratch
my design addition to take in some slack

from Marcy Tilton pattern - tres simple
black knit with silver shot through it

with yoke
and scallop side vents
from Katherine Tilton pattern
and same fabric,
same pattern,
but  pants with cuffs!
made from knit fabric scraps and...

broken zippers for collar decoration
detail of zippers as decorative trim on collars

and cute little cuff from scrap fabric
using another Katherine Tilton pattern

From 3-11-13  Moi On the Rocks
fabric found as is in the give-away box 

and it's reversible!
 I just seamed it together to form a skirt and added elastic at the top.

From  3-5-13 Is It Almost Spring Yet?
My new Spring coat using fabric scraps
close up
back view
detail of back view
and Koos Pattern from Vogue

Items from PROJECT MINIMA:  Year ONE, 4th Qtr. (3-1-12 / 5-31-12)

rehabbed camisole & pantaloons to fit
detail of stretch insert at side seams
detail of same on pantaloons

stretch lace crop top made from scratch

and a very close up view

sarong skirt from fabric scrap

detail of selvage edge (my fav part!)

and see me wearing 'em all on my Clothes Collage page, tagged "Aloha...Chic(k)"

floral vest, bloomers, hot pink tights
 & taupe platforms
ditto + tapestry coat and tote

Way #1:

my rocking bright red floral print dress with...


Way #2:
with floral stretch top and matching pants, red flats & cat eye shades

Way #3
with pink anklets and hot pink kitten heel boots
p.s.  all the items shown above were made from scratch and/or refashioned by me. (Only the glasses, tote bag, red shoes, & anklets were left untouched.)

submitted to Independent Fashion Bloggers Project #47: May Florals
 Check out on my Clothes Collage page, tagged "Electric Kool-Aid." to see more!

as seen on Ethical Fashion Bloggers, for May Prints

old blue clogs with my new hand-made insoles
eeewww!...a peek at the insole before
a shot of my lovely new insoles (both sides) sans shoes
 what I made them out of :  foam covered bubble wrap with fabric scraps sewn together for coverings!

From 4-20-12  MORE SHOE RE-DO'S
Before: old brown suede sandals & After: painted copper
Before:  too tight taupe suede platforms
After:  peak-a-boo platforms with more room for the toes!

See me wearing 'em on my Clothes Collage page 

my old blue suede shoes after smearing on a tube of  blue glitter glue!
Before:  my plain old suede mary janes
After:  revitalized with neon orange acrylic paint applied to the soles

re-styled, old made-by-me, gauze pants
detail of added lace to lengthen too-short pants
re-styled brocade pants
 unhemming and  added ric-rac to lengthen pants
See my Clothes Collage page for an assemble with these pants!

From 4-12-12  KEEP CALM and SEW ON
Made from Fabric Stash - Mandala Jacket, closed
and unfastened

view of pocket edging
and back view
See my Clothes Collage page for the full assemble!

From 4-6-12  MY NEW DRESS!
before: another mini shift

 ...with matching boxers

after: a happy dress to go with my new sox!

with hand-made bias tape to finish the hem

and contrasting fabric for empire waist band and sleeve cuffs

See my Clothes Collage page for the full assemble!

From 4-2-12  SOCK IT TO ME!
raspberry colored sox, freshly made

with a perfect fit...woo-hoo!
See what I wear them with on my Clothes Collage page

From 3-29-12  MAJOR RECON
before: mini shift

...with matching boxers

after: cool new & improved dress!
back view

detail of top with inserts at shoulders, sleeves, midriff, & center front

 with huge side pockets
 and buttons I bought in Paris 20 years ago!

See it in action on the Clothes Collage page, "Call Me Dotty"

Combat Boots - Revision # 3, yes that's three.
remains of revision #2 (it flaked off!) & products used this time

gauze and lace shorts
...with sheer organza added make capris with tucks and flat felled seams

before:  an old pair of yoga shorts
now:  with black nylon added to make capris!
a closer view
with decorative tucks and flat felled seams
and see-thru-ability
 See what I paired it with on the Clothes Collage page for "Black & White," "Call Me Dotty," and "Me and My Madeline Dress"

From 3-9-12  WHO LIKES PINK?!
before:  too small, pink calico top (color's off) 
after:  pink calico top refashioned to fit 
...with peach calico side insert
...and pale peach lace hem

Check out my Clothes Collage page, "All Floral All the Time" & see what I put together for the IFB Project #39: Pair Your Pastels; #41: Prints on Printed Matter
and the Ethical Fashion Bloggers March post!

From 3-5-12  I'VE LOOKED AT LIFE...
pink suede cloth reversible vest rehab
back with view of side insert
detail of buttons
pinkish calico cotton side B vest
 back view with lace covered side insert
detail of vintage buttons, lace overlay at front closure & over side insert
also see my clothes collage page to see it in action!




  1. I love what you do with your clothes.You are really creative and your style is unique.I love all these small details you add.

    1. Thanks for visiting Angie, I'm off to see what you're doing!

  2. Wow are you ever creative. I just wish you posted your photographs larger so I could really see them better. MY old eyes you know.

    1. Hi Adrienne, I was just visiting your site. You really sew up a storm and know how to wrestle with a pattern until it works for you. So impressive.

  3. Your clothes are amazing - really, just fantastic. I'm popping around the pages of your clothes and don't want to inundate your blog with effusive comments, but please know how much I am enjoying your projects and thank you for taking the time to share them online. Beautiful, beautiful things!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to look at them and comment. Feel free to inundate my blog with effusive commentary any time!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful clothing! Love your use of colours.

  5. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Love your clothes, and thanks for including pattern # Pat

  6. Hello,
    Love your style , I love how you change things around with no fear !! I would love to come to your place and learn from you but I'm to far away . C`est la vie !! Is there any chance to buy your clothes online ?

  7. you clever clever girl!!

  8. I LOVE your tablecloth dresses!

  9. You are just so creatively stylish! It's a pleasure to peruse your work. I have been saving bits and pieces for years, your page encourages me to take the plunge, or I might just dream some more.