Project Minima:

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Here are the clothes refashioned during the SUMMER months of June, July and August in reverse chronological order.  Just click on the highlighted title to get back to that post.  To view clothes from previous seasons, scroll to bottom of page and click on that season.

Items from PROJECT MINIMA: Year 4, 1st Qtr. (6-1-14 / 8-31-14)

From Summer 2014
(some not yet posted)
tablecloth jacket/ kimono

front lapel stitching

inside lapel hides tablecloth's previous mending

back view

oversized tablecloth dress
blue print bloomers

pleats and tucks

button on or off pocket


rehab of big green dress

insert added alongside buttons

applique apply on back to cover marks

insert added at sides

applique to cover tear

Greek island top

hand sewn with gold thread

back view

with collar and sleeve
pattern used for top

tablecloth dress #7 from the series

neckline and bodice detail


back view

back with sleeve view
pattern used for all 7 tablecloth dresses in the series

Retro Alienwear posted 9-2-14
 retro alienwear of my own design

failed miserably and went from there

From 8-30-14  (A) Way To Go
high-low dress

shoulder yoke with bias tape neckline

elastic gather on sleeve side
ruffled hemline

back view

back yoke

pattern used (mix of styles)
tablecloth kimono top given to S

back view with added sleeve tucks and back dip

pattern used and elaborated upon

From 8-25-14  Coming and Going
Tablecloth Apron Dress

neckline close up of self-made bias tape

pleated pockets that seem to disappear

back view

of cross over section

and bias tape going all around (8 yards of the stuff!!)

this OOP 5201 simplicity pattern was used

From 8-18-14  Yes, Yes, Another Tablecloth Dress
Front view

buttoned pockets

hemline in front
back view
back bodice

back skirt

From 8-11-14  A Little Tuck and Drape
re-rehabbing old stuff with pleats and tucks

several pleats and tucks to soft old baggy jeans

 pleated tucks on either side of center front shirt hemline

From 7-29-14  New Blue

tablecloth dress - front view

skirt portion with button

two navy appliques covering holes
front sleeve and navy seam binding around neck and sleeve
back view
applique cover hole on back

cluster of small appliques on bottom hemline

started off with this pattern and then went off on my own...

sneak preview of what's next - part 1

and part 2

From  7-14-14  I'm Not In Order Here
vintage white linen tablecloth - font view

neckline with 1/4 in. bias binding

split bell sleeves with bow

inlay in front

side seam pockets

scalloped hemline

back view

back top

back shoulder and sleeve

Tablecloth Dress #5

front smocking


front hemline

back view



back hemline

From 6-26-14  Renewed and Reconsidered
hand-sewn franken-dress


side view, top

bottom, front
back view

back bodice

hand top-stitching

back hemline

inside view

pink linen shirt / tablecloth rehab

hand painted white distressed shoe

recovered bow-tie in progress

front view

bodice with smocking

zebra onto sleeve

close up of elephant pocket

back view

animal shoulder blades and vessel waistband

rhino on the left back shoulder

and leopard on the right back shoulder

vessel borders

From 6-15-14  Housedresses Are Us
Tablecloth Dress #3

neckline and smocking
and biiiggg pockets

back view 

detail of skirt and lots o' appliques
back neckline with collar
more appliques on sleeves...

Items from PROJECT MINIMA: Year 3, 1st Qtr. (6-1-13 / 8-31-13)

From 8-28-13  Bounce Back Ability
front of Bounce Back-Ability dress
and back view

close up of back, top

close up of front, top

embroidered name...

or ability.

front view, bottom half

back view, bottom half

close up of sleeve cap

close up of back neckline

my label

Items from PROJECT MINIMA: Year 2, 1st Qtr. (6-1-12 / 8-31-12)

From 8-30-12 Linen and Things
my old pillow case as tunic top
back view
and throw on lace necklace/ scarf thingy
since then I've edged the ruffle lace thing with some crocheted lace trim & satin ribbon

From 8-29-12 T-Shirt Tunic Mod
So here it is, my t-shirt tunic made from 2 old tees
the sides are from 1 shirt cut in half
Here's what it looks like spread out on the floor
The main shirt is just cut open at the sides and the sleeves are removed.  The other 1/2 of shirt is folded in half and sewn along the top to continue a shoulder seam.  (Its neckline and sleeves had already been removed.)  Pin and sew each raw edge of the folded 1/2 shirt to the raw edges of the main shirt to form a sleeve.  The folded side will face outwards and you will cut a slit 1/3 of the way down it so you can fit your arm through like a kimono sleeve.  I left the bottom of the sleeve unstitched.  It is already hemmed since it's the bottom of the original shirt.  So is the main shirt.  Then I added pockets to the bottom of the main shirt from the sleeves I had removed. 

From 8-9-12 L'Orange Du Jour
item #1
Originally made-from-scratch tunic, rehabbed to fit with side inserts
back view - see post of  6-29-11 C'est Fini re the first rehab...
tunic now after re-setting sleeves to eliminate puffy-ness
cuff redo with fold and button on one side
while keeping sleeve vent on other side

item #2
BEFORE:  very old thrifted maxi dress that no longer fits
NOW:  a button down skirt with tie at waistband
with added patch pockets
pockets came from the cap sleeves of dress
item #3
 gauze underskirt made from thrifted maxi dress lining
by adding binding as waistband and threading through elastic

From 8-4-12  On Site at Graceland
Before:  they looked sorta like a cross between these 2 sandles

After:  painted with acrylics in turquoise and bright blue with orange insoles

From 7-23-12 Making a Shift
refashioned to fit made-from-scratch shift
view of side, sleeve & hem inserts...

plus big patch pockets all from my fabric stash!

and see me wearing it at Let's Shift Again

From 7-15-12 Time Is On My Side
It was made like 'B' above before my remodeling...

 made-from-scratch Asian-esque tunic top refashioned to fit

with fabric stash side & sleeve inserts
 See me wearing it at In and Out of Focus
and posted with others at Recycled Fashion Finds and Refashion Co-op

From 6-29-12 Tangerine with a Spot of Leopard
old tangerine capris refashioned to fit with fabric scrap leopard jersey at sides

 facing removed and reused to heighten waistline, inserting piping at seamline

vintage label added to outside of back waist line
and see the whole ensemble on my Clothes Collage page, "Tangerine Dream"

 patch pockets added to linen shirt along with neon paint on buttons & on canvas tennis shoes
close up of painted neon buttons
See my Clothes Collage page for some neon action!

rehabbed silk & linen wrap-around skirt to fit

& decorative buttons sewing center front shut

and see it put together on my Clothes Collage page under "Classical Figures Screen"

rehabbed linen wrap-around skirt to fit
with new button tassels added down the side
and see what I put it together with on my Clothes Collage page under "Linen Looks"

Items from PROJECT MINIMA:  Year ONE, 1st Qtr. (6-1-11 / 8-31-11)

From 8-30-11 Full Transparency Here
Transparent sheer dress rehab

detail of insert and lace additions
and see how it changes on my clothes collage page

Nightie Rescued from the Trash

detail of lace added over tuck lines, and assorted doo-dads
detail of stretch lace sleeve

detail of back shoulder with lace butterfly covering spot

The calla lily dress built from scraps

front view of diagonal piecing

back view of more diagonal piecing and skirt to top

sleeves from scrap of scarf
old slip seam-ripped

and detail of slip to wear under calla lily dress
See me wearing the ensemble on the Clothes Collage page, under "Garden Girls"

From 8-18-11 Because 2 Sheers Can Make It Right
rehab of dark navy sheath into sundress

detail of side inserts

detail of side slits
See my Clothes Collage page for my layering look, "A Shot of Navy"

From 8-11-11 Mending My Wares
My fav old p.j. top after refurbishment-pocket covering mended hole
extension strips added with black side trim & black triangles embroidered over tiny holes

From 8-10-11 Viva Madonna
pillow case skirt with cat
detail of pocket and satin patches
another pocket and more satin ribbon

pillow case trim and lace rosette

As in 8-8-11 Bits and Pieces
Rehabbed cami with decorative ribbon to cover spotting
and detail of side insert addition

Finished 8-7-11 Come Sail Away With Me
1 white cotton blouse remade from 2
back view
and started 6-5-11 in More and More

Taupe Tank Top Rehab (but you can't see the side extensions)

As spoken about 8-3-11 in Oxford Gone Wild
 an oxford shirt with the bottom half cut off, among other things...
detail of front with frayed silk additions, black braided trim, and...
a lovely spiral hand-sewn on to cover holes from removing the pocket
back view with a brocade meeting some lace curtain remnant
detail of back with lace embellishment covering area that just didn't quite meet
And last, but not least some nifty black braid to encircle the collar area.

From 7-29-11 Well Fancy That 
The front of that redone top with random tucks and folds sewn in

Detail of the twirly rose I twisted and sewed in place

Back (or Front) of top with swoops and puckers sewn in

Detail of a sewn-in swoop

As discussed on 7-28-11 Did I Lose My Head?
Gray cotton skirt that I completly reconstructed

Detail of criss-cross ribbons that wrap around waist/hip and tie

View of the gauze underskirt with unique (aha moment) stitching
See me put it together on the Clothes Collage page, "Frida Kahlo Style"

From 7-20-11 Go With the Flow
altered nightgown
additional doo-dads added to offset asymmetry

From 7-19-11 Victoria / Victorian
Cotton and lace brassiere remade from old Victoria's Secret teddy
P.J. bloomers fashioned from one-piece Victorian undergarment

From 7-16-11 Mini Shift Cut Short
Mini shift with matching boxer shorts (before)

And from 7-22-11 Another One Bites the Dust
Top made from Mini Shift (after) with side insertions added from shortening hem of dress

Another Top from another Mini Shift (after) albeit different print
Triangular addition from boxers added at side seams
Sleeve addition from trimmed off dress hem

As talked about in 7-14-11 Reversed Engineering
The Asian-esque Dark Gray Cotton refurbished Outfit
Detail of added silk frayed pieces
Check out me wearing 'em at On Site at Graceland

As mentioned in 7-8-11 De Construction Zone
Linen suit with all seams re-constructed and satin ribbon inserts
close-up on hidden button placket and satin ribbon extension
side extensions of satin ribbon on jacket (and pants not shown)
and see how I'm wearing it on my Clothes Collage page, "Pink Pants"

All this stuff is discussed in 7-1-11 Pet Peeves Reckoned With
shirt (before)
same shirt, dif color (after shortened and hemmed)
(after - detail of hem)

and old capri jeans remodel
(before with zip back pockets)
(after removing zip pocket) 

cutting off old pant leg for new pockets
with new pocket added on

From 6-29-11 C'est Fini!
tunic (before)
(after) with silky tie-dyed insert on sides and sleeves


From 6-17-11 Jazzed, But My Rhythm's Whacked

all darts removed and neckline altered


First mentioned 6-11 The Zen of Seam Ripping & 6-13 Just Hemming and Hawing,
lace added and side extensions
re-fastened and ties removed

followed by 6-15
And The Beat Goes On

then again in 6-17
Jazzed, But My Rhythm's Whacked

and finally in 6-21-11

From 6-14-11 This Piece is on Fire Kimono
made from scratch!
for hubby's birthday

First mentioned 6-8-11 Art of the Kimono, followed by 6-11 The Zen of Seam Ripping

re-fastened, ties removed, and re-sleeved
Again 6-19-11 Dazed and Confused... and finally 6-21-11 Back to the Drawing Board...

From 6-1-11 This is It! Top
let-out everywhere
And mentioned again in 6-3-11 Win Some, Lose Some, and Then Some