Friday, June 22, 2012

Road Trip Wardrobe

My It's Hot, Hot, Hot! Outfit
Oh, Oh, do I get to do a "Travel Capsule" or whatever they're called, for a road trip to visit Mom?  Yes, let's!  Okay, it's only for 3 days, mostly on the road and then just at Mom's house.  Well, to travel in I wore:

stretch lace crop top
and sarong skirt
with this underneath
Of course everything here is made-from-scratch or refashioned to fit.  It was very hot here, on the road, and where we were going.  At mom's I wore:

linen top w/ neon pockets
tank top
with natural linen cropped pants that were store-bought originally and not refashioned at all (or shown here)!

shoes were the bronze-colored Dr. Scholl's I'm wearing in the picture.

no jewelry - too hot, just shades.  So, how'd I do?


  1. Your travel pieces must have been a delight for your Mom. They were for me!

    1. You are too kind to make note of my road trip attire, dear Judith!

  2. this is definitely a cool outfit!!! :)

    1. Thanks Marina, it is cool when it's hot!


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