Project Minima:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Art About Town

Lately I've been such the fashion photo model (!) that I haven't had time to sew.  drat and drat.  I even received two new Japanese sewing books for my soon-to-be birthday from the True Love.  I have had fun with the background-finding for the photos and playing around with that.

Aline Smithson, photographer

But I truly can't wait to get back to my daily sewing routine along with the exercise.  I skipped a bit last week.  But I'm back on track now.  There's been some visiting too which is not something we really do and a road trip scheduled to Mom's for tomorrow.  Maybe I can figure out some hand sewing I can do in the car...

You can see all the latest photo extravaganzas on my clothes collage page


  1. Ah, great to see one of Aline's photos!
    We went to school together in Santa Barbara and then hung out in NYC in the late 70s.
    She's fantastic!

    1. ah, how cool! I love her photos, luscious like paintings.