Saturday, June 23, 2012

Have Singer, Will Sew

~Singer Model 99K, 1952~
Mom gave me her old Singer Sewing Machine when I visited this week.  I looked up the serial # and found out it was manufactured the same year I was born - 1952!  Awesome.

She's a real beauty too.  Shiny black metal with gold art deco scroll work. mmm, mmm.

It's a portable supposedly, but weighs a ton.
~another view with case~

button holer, fagoter, hemstitcher, zigzag, & blind stitch attachments

zigzag attachment, box and instructions

Oh, and did I works!!!  (just like me...)

Here's some pix of the incredible attachments - 
all in their cool boxes complete with instructions!

buttonholder attachment, case and instructions


  1. That is a beautiful machine. I wish I had kept the one I learned on (despite the fact that my Mom and I nearly killed each other in the ensuing lessons!)

    1. Yes it really is. I was so happy to find she still had it. Sewing was one area we did get along well in.


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