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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And the Beat Goes On

Painting by Hung Lui
I can see that kimono altering is going to be a long-term phase, just like it was the first time around.  That hemming and hawing from the other day actually paid off - I ended up deciding against the doo-dads and am going with

discreet and invisible snaps after all.  Just have to sew them on (tonight's work), and the top is finished!

The skirt is under major re-write, but I think I have it all mocked-up now.  Adding so-called hidden pockets for some breathing room (literally!) and strategic placing of matching, wide and somewhat heavy, lace to provide a little more cover on those revealing side slits.

Meanwhile I'm wearing a flannel shirt and jeans while it's cold and rainy outside!

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