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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dazed and Confused, in a Good Way

Fashion Design by Melvin Sokolsky
How silly can I be?  Well, just enough to make it work apparently.  It all started when I decided I didn't like the way the sleeves looked on the kimono I had altered last week.  So I looked in my fabric stash, and sure enough I had quite a bit of leftover material from it.  yea!  I figured I'd double the length of the sleeve (which also seems like the width when you're talking kimono because of how they hang/drape).

While I was pinning the extra strip on, I had this brilliant idea that I could just trim off the existing hem and reattach it later saving myself alot of trouble.  (ah huh...)

I proceeded to sew the strip extension on and then reattached the hem.  Okay so far.  And I cut off the hem of the other sleeve and sewed on the other extension strip.  But...lo and behold...I had somehow cut off the hem that I had just sewn back on the first sleeve and sewed the other extension strip to that first sleeve too!!!  (dumbfounded pause)  Now I had a too long sleeve and the original too short sleeve!  

Never fear, always in a good frame of mind, I could see that I didn't make an aggrievous error, no no no.  Turned out adding length to a kimono sleeve necessitated a lining since you could see the inside so easily.   I folded the extra, extra strip back inside, sewed it along a seam line and it functioned as a lining just like that.

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