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Sunday, June 5, 2011

More and More

~ Painting by Lori Field ~
Yesterday I made several forays into the dressing room/closet to gather clothes together.  Sorting like things with like - just like in the thrift stores.  All tops together by color, etc.  Moving winter stuff into the back and summer into the forefront.  Not trying anything on, just sorting by season, type, and color.  Absolutely shocking how much of everything I have and in every color too!

Still continuing that today, there's so much stuff...and refining the arrangement of it too.  But have been doing it in little breaks so as not to become overwhelmed and looking at it as the long haul to keep it in perspective.  And I'm actually having fun!

Took 5 of the extra soft, thin white cotton blouses that were unacceptable (too small, stained) and selected one to cut up.  Cut through both side seams under the arms and up through the sleeves and then cut the sleeves out around the arm holes.  Pinned the cut out sleeve pieces to each split side section with the finished hem end down to match the finished hem end of the blouse.  Tried it on and the top fit perfectly now at the bottom and I could button it up, no problem.  Just need to adjust the arm hole part to fit.  Now I can turn it into a light-weight vest or take out sleeves or material from one of the other blouses to make sleeves for it.  Too simple!

That made me so excited about all the possibilities I have available in my dressing room now.  I'd say only about 10% or less of the clothes actually fit me/ work for me at this moment, but that leaves all the rest as no loss propositions to play with whenever I'm ready.  How fun!

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