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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can't Go Wrong with Choco Brown

painting by Frida Kahlo
Finished a chocolate brown bolero last night - just in time to wear to class this morning!  Kris said I looked "arty."  Pretty diplomatic, huh.

Anyway it was something I bought awhile ago and never wore even when it fit cuz it just didn't look good.  Took off the too-high-up, too-pouffy pockets, and removed the one button that clasped it together at the top.  Found the tiniest scrap of chocolate brown chiffon and made use of it for triangular side inserts so the jacket draped nicely and echoed the flow of the sleeves.  Also found a dark brown frog closure in my miscellaneous stash and sewed it right over the button hole, et al.  Perfect.

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