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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tweak! Tweak!

Photo from International Antarctic Centre 
Well, it all started with putting nail polish on my glasses.  The center piece always dyed the bridge of my nose red, so I thought some clear nail polish would do the trick on my cheap red reading glasses.  Once I got started...a whole new area of possibilities opened up.  Accessories meet my Art Supplies.   And the red glasses ended up with hot pink stripes and dots.

Which brings me to these shoes I always thought were disturbingly unattractive, but very comfy.  I gathered all my art supplies that rendered things gold and selected deep gold acrylic paint to rub on the multi-surfaced shoes with my finger (heh heh goldfinger).  Now they're still comfy and disturbingly golden!

Next up is a pair of soft navy leather shoe/boots.  Very plain.  The top "cuff" had a subtle quilted stitch so I sewed on little pearl beads at each intersection with invisible thread.  I added huge pearl beads to the end of the laces which are basically laughable, but fun.

And finally an old pair of black lace up combat boots with a damaged top.  I covered the tops with a scrap of black stretch velvet to form cuffs.  Pretty snazzy.

Last but not least, another pair of cheap reading glasses received the goldfinger for an antique look.  luv them.

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