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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life is But a Dream (sh-boom)

from smocking
Yeah, more undergarments:  white lace added to petit pants - I couldn't help myself.  And a super-easy transformation for a plain jane garter belt.

I had some old sport bras which I simply do not wear.  One of those what was I thinking phases I can only assume.  Mine were out of cotton with spandex and had hook & eye front closures.  Well, if you turn it upside down so the straps are dangling downward and the elastic band becomes the waist, you're half way there to making a garter belt!  Just cut the bra straps where they join at what was the top of the shoulder and you've made the garter

straps.  Sew the garter tabs to the bottom of the straps you just cut.  That's it.  Because the fabric is cotton spandex it stretches 4-ways and the straps are spaced perfectly for garters holding up your stockings.  The hook & eye closure works perfectly for getting it on and off and everything gets straightened and smoothed out because it's being stretched.

I used velcro on the straps so the garter tabs could be easily removed and used on another garter belt.  I ended up making one from a white sports bra and another from a black one.  Now I have a fancy smancy one and 2 for basic duty, if anyone's counting...


  1. You are a genius! :) I'd love to see them "at work"... Sounds really easy. :)

    1. It was so easy, once I thought to do. Desperation is the mother of invention... You can't see me wearing them, but you can see a photo, if you click on the highlighted text in the post above. Then you have to scroll down the page til you get to them.