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Sunday, March 25, 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed...

artwork by Chris Scarborough.
Okay, so third time's a charm right?  The old combat boots are back again (see post Tweak, Tweak for Revision #1, and then The Long and Winding Road for Revision #2).  They just keep self-destructing and I won't let them go apparently.

I had some suspicion that the multiple layers of glue I used on one of the boots last time would be counter-productive - and it was.  The glitter cracked and peeled off in big chunks.  (I wonder if all those people out there that glitter-glued their shoes did any follow-up posts about what actually happened when they wore them, or if they wore them?)

Anyway, I ended up re-glittering that boot with one layer of glue & big glitter.  This time I used fabric mod podge rather than fabric glue.  We'll see.  I think Revision #4, if it comes to that, will be covering them with fabric.

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