Project Minima:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

State of Project Minima III

artwork by Sebastiaan Bremer.
Nine months into the project and still going strong.   Can't see myself stopping sewing, mending, creating and/or making do - why would I?  And I certainly no longer have an interest in shopping for stuff that I don't need, crave or want.  How cool is that?!  What I'm doing is way more satisfying...and fun too.

Anyway, let's tally up.  I've completed &/or reworked approximately 29 pieces this quarter,

so added to the 65 from the last 2 quarters, that's a total of 94 in 9 months.  Let's see, that breaks down to about 2 and 1/2 pieces a week, right?  (no good at math here...)  Although I don't work like that, on a schedule, I do go into the studio pretty much every day.  It all adds up. 

Additionally, I've started to have fun with nail polish.  Another blast from the past (like my jewelry).  And I continue to have fun dressing up.  It's even spilled over into the watercolor class I teach, where we've been choosing a color to wear each week and then arranging ourselves in color wheel order during the next class (this is with adults mind you!)  I've also been learning new sewing techniques - the internet makes that soooo easy - as well as finding some really cool sewing bloggers.

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