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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Major ReCon

Artwork by Steven Tabbutt.
At long last, my dress rehab has made it through.  yea!!  and I love it's new look.  Another one of my old mini shifts with matching boxers from days gone by, but this time I went with some major re-construction.  Influenced by my Japanese sewing books, I took bits and pieces from one of the styles - dress Y of the Stylish Dress Book - which you probably wouldn't recognize after all my alterations & additions.

The original mini dress I had made was now too small, too short and just unappealing.  I liked the fabric pattern though, and that was all I had of it.  I dismantled the boxers, but also wanted some contrasting fabric for inserts.  The only thing I could come up with from my stash was a rather subtle pinstripe.

Then came the engineering.  yikes!  This part took weeks of trial and error.  Having a limited amount of both fabrics added to the suspense.  Could she do it?  Did I mention lots 'o seam ripping action? Toward the home stretch, the how-about-this-how-about-that syndrome kicked in big time.

And then it all came together, "hey what about those metal red crescent moon buttons I bought in Paris 20 years ago?!"

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