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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From the Treasure Trove

I've been assembly bits and bobs together to make some jewelry lately.
painting by George Gower

Oh, and I received a Sunshine Award from the loverly Vivienne of Thrifted Shift: 
Thank you.  While I will always appreciate a bit of sunshine sent my way, I really do loath all the Q&A that tag along with those I shall make up my own rules and repeal that aspect.

I'm going to award some sunshine pick-me-ups to a couple of bloggers who could use it right now.  Vix of Vintage Vixen who has a bit of pnemonia and Lakota of Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping who is nursing a cold.  Enjoy your Sunshine Award and do with it what you will!

Now back to my treasure trove...after the break

First up is a necklace I received during Style Agent 909's recent swap party:
as a statement I thought it was a little plain...
so I added a few more pieces to it...
and it became a manifesto necklace!
 my mish-mash of broken bits...
turns into an American Indian Spider necklace!
you might've saw me wearing this concoction
of do-dads painted with nail polish

here we have bits sewn together...
to form my accolade ribbon pin!
vintage metal board game pieces tied on silken cord necklace

To see more homespun jewelry go from trash to treasure, view the Fall clothes page.  And I'm linking up to the Pleated Poppy, Refashion-Co-op and Recycled Fashion Finds with all the others.  Come see.


  1. I love what you've done with these treasures. Especially the turquoise necklace you added things too. Much better and more suited to you and your creative self. ;)

    1. Yes it's a jumble of things from pretty minimal to very maximal. I'm only just starting out here. Don't know if I see a trend yet - other than handmade and a bit goofy. But that statement necklace really set me off and running. Thanks to Lynne.

  2. Wow! I especially love your mermaid-butterfly coin-heart manifesto necklace and the repurposed vintage game pieces. I appreciate your repurposing of the Sunshine Award as well - nicely done! - I have one to attend to myself, and don't wear accolades nearly so well.

    I enjoy the artworks you choose to illustrate your posts.

    1. Glad you liked them Amber, being the amazing jewelry connoisseur that you are, that means something!

      I'm expecting to see an onslaught of sunnies about the net in the coming days and I thought I'd do my bit to make it a pleasurable experience. hee hee.

      Getting to highlight artwork is my fav part of blogging!

  3. You know how to cheer me up now, don't you Pao? Sunshine and statement jewellery, the way to an ailing chick's heart!! I love all your creations especially that incredible turquoise confection, you are so clever!!
    Thanks for the mention, I'm off to check out the Fall Clothes page, I'm in need of inspiration! xxxxxx

    1. Oh, I'm glad you're in receipt of the sunshine award, Vix. Hope it does the trick. That and a little bling should bring you round 'no time. And thanks for looking!

  4. I totally respect your decision to break the rules- the Q and As can be totally draining. I love the painting you included with all this great jewelry- it's your own personal SIA!

    1. Well, I appreciate that and receiving the award too, Vivienne. Yes, and this week's SIA looks very cool - the wheel's are turning...

  5. Oh, dang, Pat. Can I have it back now? lol It's gone from merely okay to high art :o I am going to mail you a package of other necklaces that clearly need to be taken apart and the reborn by you.

    1. hee hee. I didn't really take it apart, Lynne. I just added to it a bit. And it can all be brought back to its original state if need be - something to do with my art background and archival notions, I guess.

      Anyway, yeah, bring it on!