Monday, April 6, 2015

Simple Modern Sewing

~ yep ~
Just made a linen wrap-around dress from Simple Modern Sewing, a Japanese sewing pattern book.

fluttering a bit...and then

Enlarged it tenfold - if you know anything about those teeny-tiny Japanese size patterns - raised the waistline to empire style, elongated the sleeves and made the hemline irregular.  The linen is wonderful in color, weight, drape, everything.

full dervish action shot.   whee!

Whoa, that was fun!

Besides my pink underslip and save-the-environment anklets, let me show you my dusty lavender shoes from you know where.  I just luv 'em.

The color is a little off here, let's try another shot...

yeah, that's better

Nice, huh.  Well, wait 'til you see what's next...

My new coat

made from unbleached Belgium linen used for oil painting.  I've had the stuff for years and just don't paint on linen anymore.  So I washed it a few times and thought why not?

Stand Tall collar with fist patch

I used the few pieces of left over scraps from my true love's kaftan to liven it up.

more trimmin' and a super large button

The coat is from Tina Givens Jules Coat pattern with several modifications.  Like no ruffles anywhere, change of collar shape and pocket placement, addition of seam binding and sleeve cuffs.

And now it's time to join the Visibles at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style.  Let's go girls.  Oh, and I don't want to miss Sheila of Ephemera's Shoe Shine!  And I just found out about Shoe and Tell from the Style Nudge, so I simple must do it.  Shoezzzzzz!


  1. Love your new linens! Definitely twirl-worthy. And the shoes are very cute and look supremely comfy to boot. I so envy your shoe shopping luck.

  2. Oh I adore those Japanese sewing books (for reading - I can't make a pattern with them to save my soul). You did it beautifully here! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  3. Holy Toledo! That's an amazing ensemble. Your coat, your coat - as if I have to remind you of it?! Stand up collar, colourful bits, and made of linen. And then the dress. I was thinking, oh, that must have great swoosh factor and the next photo was... you got it. Dervish approved. Love it all, Pao - especially how you customized everything to make these pieces perfect.

  4. Oh oh oh I want a dress-up dolly action figure of you, one that generates her own tremendous ensembles and 'spins' straw into gold! Loving everything you have made so beautifully, dress and canvas coat are works or art, and your marvellous lavender shooooooes!!!! (Trippen?)

  5. New to your blog--this is the first post I have read and I love both pieces so much. Off to discover more.

  6. Love your customising. I always race to read your latest! Isn't linen magical? And the shoes!!!!
    Careful twirling at the top of the stairs! I wanted to reach through the screen to protect you :-D xo Jazzy Jack

    1. It was just a twirl, even tho the camera makes it look so intense. I wanted to let you know JJ, that I'm not able to comment on your blog because of disqus or whatever it is. I'd like to email you, but that's not listed anywhere. So if you read this, let me know your email address so I can respond.

  7. Very beautiful spring colours in this outfit - and lovely shoes! You're indeed very talented with little sewing patterns!

  8. Oh that coat is so daring, so wonderful...I want to wear it while marching through a subway tunnel...and I have no idea why??? There are no subway tunnels anywhere near me. But no matter, that's the vision I have. Visions are nice that way, they have no distance boundaries. :o)


  9. You never cease to inspire and amaze me! It's taken me all day to make something today (from a vintage supposedly simple pattern) and it isn't a fraction as gorgeous as your modified genius! xxx

  10. Oh, every item is wonderful and together even better than the sum!

  11. I am a fan of the shape of classic Japanese garments so I like the shape of the dress very much, even if you had to alter it for size. The linen is perfectly swooshy! I can't believe you made a coat AND a dress!! Your sewing prowess impresses the hell out of me ;)


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