Project Minima:

Sunday, November 25, 2018

I'm All Red, I Am

in my newly made coat, and hat, with my new-to-me red boots.  tra-la-la-la-la.

~ nothing subtle happening here ~

Using up bits and pieces from the stash:  the yoke is brocade leftover from a coat last seen here; the grey linen patch underneath is from a tunic and pants seen here; and over that is an ombre wine abstract flower patch leftover from a kimono seen here.

~  some pieces were given to me ~

In fact, the sleeve tapestry was from Anne of Spy Girl during a clothes/ fabric swap at the Blogger meet-up in Vancouver several years ago.   The collar was a thick knit scrap from a sewing friend in Chicago.  And the assorted antique buttons from another Chicago friend.

~  it's a Koos pattern, of course ~

Koos Vogue 1146 coat pattern to be exact.  Yes, I've made it before as a Spring coat, here.  The new one is version A with a lining and a few more extravaganzas.

The main fabric is an ombre jacquard I got in a mystery bundle.  The yoke and the two rectangular pieces were samples I had laying around.  The round photographic rose section was leftover from a dress, here.

~ the other side ~

That's a bit of quilting cotton next to the sleeve.  Another piece of the photographic roses and the base here is a deep red canvas.   I think that about covers it.

~ except for the lining! ~

Yes, it's flannel-backed satin.  yum.  And I squished a strip of raspberry velvet in between the lining and the collar for some special effects on the inside.

Oh, I see I've forgotten to mention that front rectangular patch of wine linen with small handwriting on it (in French, no less).   I also used the lining to make bias tape to encase the hem of the outer coat, leaving the inner lining to hang loose.  yeah.

~ like this ~

What I'm wearing underneath:  Velvet pants from Tina Givens Phoebe pants pattern and the cut-off bodice made of the same velvet from her Bethany Dress made previously and seen here.   The stretch mesh shirt underneath is adapted from Vogue 8450.

~ aerial view of the hat ~

Hand-sewn with scraps of red fleece using Vogue 9235, view D.   It was a quick sew, cutting the circles of the pattern and then the fleece is what took time.  I eliminated the elastic called for on the brim as there was no need for it.

~ back view ~

Those aren't shadows, I used two different colors of red for the hat.  And while I was at it - variegated red thread for sewing.

~ last, but not the least, for sure ~

A glamour shot, a centerfold, a knockout view of my ebay doc marten boots.  whoa bay-bee.

Now, if you haven't jumped around enough already, here's some more links not to miss!  I'll be joining Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style, Catherine at I Will Wear What I Like and Cherie's Shoe and Tell, when they all go live.  Oh, and the hat.  I'll be with Judith, the Style Crone for her monthly Hat Attack!  Hope to see you everywhere!

Watch out for the 8 inches of snow we'll be getting later today/this evening - if you're in the Midwest.   There's nothing like sewing when snowed-in, I tell ya.

ed. note:  as of the next morning, we've been dusted with an inch.  The only thing blustering was the weather forecast.


  1. What artistry! From the tip of your head down to the toes of your boots. I'm speechless. Bravo woman! Bravo!


    1. Well, thank you ma'am. You're making me turn all red! Hey, do you remember what you took away from the Vancouver swap?

  2. OHMYGOD, I LOVE all of this, from head to toe. That coat is magical, and I would arm wrestle you for those boots if they were my size.

    1. ooo Shelley, to the death. But hey, they're not your size anyway.
      I luv that you love it. It took several weeks to audition fabric possibilities for the coat, and that was the fun part. Actually what I found the hardest was getting the lining and the coat hems even.

  3. Diggity dang. And then, that hat. It's just so Pao. Which you must know is the ultimate compliment.
    I need that hat. Hey, I have that pattern! Whaddya think, inspiration lady? Greens? Yes.

    As ever, a big smoochy internet kiss. You light up my brain.

    1. Alrighty then. It was fun to make, especially after all that coat extravaganza. And hand sewing too. I think it calls for boiled wool, but heck, who has that?! Fleece it was. Yea, greens like a Christmas tree would be very cool.

  4. I picture your sewing room as a tornado with you whipping up new from old, new from new, old from new..?! And BAM, this is what you get - magnificent. The outer and the inner clothes are awesome. I love that huge honkin' flower on the back. And of course the hat and centrefold. Yeeeeah! Enjoy that snow as you nestle in your studio.

    1. Yes, that's exactly the way it was. Now if only I could do a Turniphead sketch of it with my motley crew of kitties helping out.

  5. Spectacular! Also, I had no idea doc martens made boots like that, with the extra straps and variegated colour. The coat is just glorious, the perfect hat like an abstract flower.

    1. So nice to hear from you again, Radostin. I never saw doc martens like these before either. They are beauties, even if it does take me an extra 10 minutes to get them on or off! Once they're on, they're are on for good.