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Sunday, December 22, 2019

I've Got Highlights for 2019!


Sewing Top 5 of 2019
~ Sewcialists Top Highlights ~

Yeah, at first I thought "huh?"  But upon further consideration, I came up with some really good ones.

I officially retired this year, 
signing up for social security, medicare, etc.  And I also retired all my licensures, registrations, certifications, memberships and insurance for practicing as an Art Therapist and Clinical Counselor.  (phew is right)

Although I am still teaching a painting class at the local college (30+ years).

~ end of year class photo ~

That's me in the dress.

I finally organized some stuff this year, finally!  
And they're still organized!  That would be the junk room which I've completely cleared out.  Now all my gloves and scarves are organized by color in those clear hanging pouch-like things in the hall closet. Purses, bags and totes are arranged by size on shelves in the same hall closet.  Winter coats in there too, with light coats/ jackets in the spare room closet.  
I could go on and on here, but you get the idea.

Someone made me a quilt! 
It was completely unexpected and quite a thrill to receive.  Made out of fabric scraps from clothes I had made...and I still had no idea that it was going to happen.

~ Thanks Jackie, it's a nightly affair ~

I upped my exercise regime and monitored my nutrition intake in January 2019 for 3 months.  
And have kept off the weight and inches all year!  I've continued my regular exercise and eating program after the 3-month intensive and I'm at my lowest weight/inches in decades, decades, people.  Thanks to all the support from my coach, sister exercisers, friends and especially, my True Love.

~ I feel great! ~

And writing all this down has made me feel even better.  What a great idea Sewcialists!

I'll be linking up to Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like when they go live.  Come on by.



  1. oh hey, Pao, what a great year! Organized and retired and healthy and looking darn good. I'm applying for Medicare in a couple of months, and boy that feels great. Stay fabulous, xo


    1. Well, since you put it that way, it does sound like a great year, Patti. And by the way, your NYC art babe ensemble is my fav for all time!

  2. Coming over from Patti's blog. Congrats on retiring. It sounds like you were sick of your job because of a hostile work environment. Enjoy being your own boss.
    Nicole of High Latitude Style

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nicole. Sorry you received that impression from my post. Actually, my work as an art therapist was tremendously satisfying in a multitude of ways as were the environments in which I practiced. What I won't miss are all the legislative regulations and payments involved.

  3. That does sound like an excellent year focused on self-care! You do look great in that blue checked coat outfit. I have a few more years before I can retire and I'm going to be looking at my blogger friends who are already there for inspiration. Happy Holidays Pao!

    1. I know, isn't cool that we know people / bloggers that are of an age?! When I first found Advanced Style, it literally changed my life. And you know, there's no turning back. Happy Holidays, to you too, Shelley.

  4. I did books/billing for a massage therapist pal for a month.That's as long as I could last, digging ditches is easier and less digusting (and at the end, look I made a ditch!).
    This is the best 'best of' list ever! Health, happiness, positive steps, the ability to find the shoes and the hat easily - I am inspired again.
    I hope your holidays and the 2020 are good to you and yours and me and mine.

    1. I didn't mention the organization of all the shoes and hats, but that happened too. It's soooo nice. And it wasn't easy either. I say, Good Holidays all around, especially for 2020!

  5. Happy New You! I applaud your accomplishments!

    1. And to you, Spy Girl. I am in awe of your latest World Map sewing project. Wow!