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Sunday, December 15, 2019

What Was I Thinking?!

~ Sewcialists Top Misses ~

in no particular order that I can tell...
~ Yes, the picture tells the story. ~

You can read more about it here, oh my.

~ Oh boy, another black, white and gray one. ~

This was actually on two posts!  You can read/ see more here and here.

And now for ones that never made it to the blog...

~ A Miyake Mock-up ~

~ made out of a bed sheet ~

~ Egyptian, no less ~

Nevertheless, no matter what I do, I cannot get it to fit right.  I believe I've tried every possible iteration.  It's Vogue 2315 if you haven't guessed.

Another uncompleted masterpiece (ahem).
~ A Sparkling Organza Rift on a Tina Givens Slip Pattern ~

~ by the way, it is assymentrical ~

Last, but not least, etc., etc.
~ I have been working on this thing for months on end ~

Pathetic, isn't it.  Yet, I've persisted.  With brown plaid linen in stash for a lifetime.  Believe it or not, I used Vogue DKNY 1461 which I have to say wins the award for the ULTIMATE in WHAT WAS I THINKING?!   P.S.  I also decided to make it longer than micro mini.

It has plaid pleats, people! All the way around the front and the back, from the shoulders/ neckline to below the hips.  And the entire width and length of the sleeves.

~ a close-up of the fact that you can't see the pleating when it's plaid ~

Especially if you make sure you match everything up as you go. 

~ oh, there you go, the pleats make an appearance  ~
 Finally, some excitement.

No, but wait, I could stand it no more.  After putting in the not so invisible 22" zipper, I added lace on either side to really show it off.

~ yeah, bay-bee! ~
 It's not over yet...

There's still lining to put in.
~ Not to mention, hand sewing it down the zipper area. ~

Then, instanity inspiration struck, ala Chanel. 
~ All I need is more zips! ~
  All the way down the sleeves

~ Even down the skirt! ~

From the hip to the edge of the skirt.  Oh, and pockets, if I can think of where to place them.  Of course, there would be lace surrounding the zippers, just like with Chanel my first zipper. 

Who knows, if the dress ever gets out of TIME OUT, maybe it'll make it into my Top 5 of 2020.  Or not.


I'll be showing up at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like when they go live.  Hope to see you there.



  1. Oh hey, Pao, your "worst" are out of my skill range by miles! I like the sleeves with zippers, so zippy, xo.


    1. Well, that's one way of looking at it, Patti. Zippity do-dah, yeah. We'll see how it goes.

  2. Why do the fails take longer than the successes? I've been banging my head against several things in progress lately. Probably more likely NOT PROGRESSING as much as driving around and around in tinier and tinier spirals until my wheels lock up and I have to admit that it's a total failure.
    Sleeve zippers bang into stuff and get caught up with other layers or my arm hair. This is personal experience speaking here. You'd be as well off stitching it to the sleeve and not bothering with the opening. Or using buttons.
    That brown plaid is swell, though. Maybe just one ....

    1. What? What? Maybe just one...what?! I don't have arm hair and besides, I just have to make over the elbow fingerless glove ala Chanel and I'll be okay - maybe in gold sequined knit...and matching leggings, or...

  3. There's a thought, Valerie. I have lots of black stuff. But what about that brown lace doodad I added?
    And Merry Christmas to you too.

  4. eeeee! It's been stitched down with teeny stitches 3 times on each side. Talk about what was I thinking! Meanwhile, I haven't touch the dress. It's still doing time.

  5. I kind of love the sheer gold dress and would throw it on over a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt. If you ever want to get rid of it so it doesn't haunt you anymore, toss it my way?

    1. Other than the horizontal French seams, it's still full of pins along the sides. I was going to put in pockets and bind the neckline and armholes. Oh, and hem it. That's why it's been languishing. I made it as a mock-up for the real thing which was to be out of silk organza. This is poly organza and not at all the same. I was going to wear it similarly, as an overlay. hmmm. Feel like finishing it off, Shelley?

  6. Oh, I can see the pleats in plaid would be eye-crossing to sew, but the effect in wear is so, so maniacal - I think that when you put it on and move about, you might be happy. It's like whole cloth which suddenly, magically, expands all over. Love the glittery overlayer, too.

    1. Maniacal seems about right to me. I do think I'll get back to it...eventually. There's been too much work put in to let it all go to rot. But I'm still not ready. It's just sweetly hanging on the back of my sewing room door not saying a word.

  7. I did not write maniacal! But now I don't know what I did write! However, I meant "captivating"