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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Reflections of...

Sewing Top 5 of 2019
~ Sewcialist Reflections ~

Through the mirror of my mind, time after time, I see...myself continuing to withdraw from...a world that's a distorted reality...
~ paraphrased from The Supremes "Reflections" 

I do believe it's part of my getting older.  I'm not interested in giving away my time or breath on just anything any more.  No.  Not even Maybe.    This attitude encompasses a lot of people, places and things that seem to be taken as status quo.  Well, I guess I've always been eccentric.

Anyway, I see myself continuing in this vein of being ever more selective of where I focus my energies.   Of paying attention to what makes me feel swell and what doesn't, and traveling toward the former as much as is possible.  And minimizing the latter as much as is conceivable.

Is there a picture for this?

Image result for The Supremes "Reflections"
~  of course there is ~

Can I still party with Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style?  I'm gonna try and make it happen.


  1. I get you. All I have on the slate is mending. A couple alterations. I am wrapping up the projects, getting set for another stash purge (it all goes to the local high school sewing class, which gets no love or money) of the stuff that landed on my doorstep. I am planning (but not set on) spending the year working on one ONE thing for me, and actually putting thought and effort into it.
    Given the depth and variety of your wardrobe, you can party with the best of them every dingitydang day.

    And how did they get onto that set in those dresses? They'll need a crane...

    All the love in the world for you, as always.

    1. Yeah, it was even before photoshop. Speaking of the Supremes, that is.
      I've been on this super-duper organizing kick lately (with no sewing)! Otherwise I just seem to be too overwhelmed with all the possibilities at hand. So much fabric, so many patterns, so many desirables...Organizing it all in depth and detail makes it deal-able I think. We shall see.
      Yes, All We Need Is Love...dododododo

  2. I totally feel you on this Pao. My energy and attention is only going towards the necessary things right now (which does include keeping in touch with my blogging community). Wishing you all the best in 2020.

    1. Yes, I hesitated even posting this for how it might come across. But I have been withdrawing more and more as the years go by and it doesn't feel like a bad thing to me. And like you said, I do want to keep in touch with the bloggerhood as it is meaningful to me. Even if I'm rather intermittent about it at times. Here's to 2020!

  3. Great list!
    Do you have an Instagram account? it would be wonderful to see so many of your outfits all on one page.

    1. Hi cynthia, I believe you posted this on the earlier post and I answered on that one.