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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Isn't She Lovely...

Singer 151G Dress Form
...this new dress form of mine!  yippee.  yippee again.

My darling dearest just bought it for me from Amazon and boy, am I grinning!  It should be here by Thursday Sept. 8th!  heeheehee.  I'm so thrilled I can barely write about it!!!!!!!

Only those who sew can know how cool this is.  No more trying on E N D L E S S L Y whatever you're working on, especially when it's re-constructing or working without a pattern.  No more getting stabbed by pins and having them fall out.  No more just sewing it anyway, having it not work out, and ripping it apart to start over - again.  And just being able to see how it looks on.  woo-hoo!  And won't it look better being photographed on her rather than a hanger?   Stay tuned.

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