Friday, August 26, 2011

You Know You Got It, If It Makes You Feel Good

Art Dress by Cecile Belmont
Worked on a nightie, in fact, I have it on now!  So comfy.  This one was really ready for the trash-ola.  But fished it out and thought why not play around - there's nothing left to lose here.

First up, I took out all the tucks and then the button tab down the front bodiice.  Now there was room for me to actually wear it. 

Sewed back the lace and added some more where it had been extended from de-tucking. You could still see the stitch holes so I added lace running up and down each once-upon-a-time tuck seam.  Well, that got me going on doo-dads of all kinds as you can see from the pix.  I added stretch lace sleeves that I decommissioned from a panty-girdle-thingy I had never ever worn (and don't know why I had ever purchased!).  Then pockets!  with lace.  I love pockets.  And finally, a butterfly out of a scrap of lace to cover a little spot on the back shoulder.  I know, I know.  This is really home-made gone amuck, but I say, so what! yea.

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