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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mending My Wares

Installation by Mary Tuma
Doing some mending and seam ripping lately.  yin and yang, ya know.  And finished my fav p.j. top while I was at it.  I had thought it was a goner with a big rip in the middle of the fabric on the top front.  But now that I'm a rehab specialist, I had another look-see.  No problem, says I, and while I'm at it, might as well adjust the fit to, well, fit better. 

So I worked my magic as you can see for yourself.  I put a pocket (you can never have enough!) over the mended rip. yada yada yada...

I found lots of extra fabric behind both the button flap and the loops (rather than button hole) flap.  So with some effort (seam ripping), I was able to

extend both sides an extra inch and a half.  I re-attached the buttons and loops.  Added black narrow tape to the extensions to tie it all together.  And machine embroidered some small shapes to cover holes created from the old button placement.  And now I'm ready for the big sleepover...not.

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