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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Viva Madonna

Painting by Kris Dodd
Continuing in the same mood, so to speak, I took on some old white cotton pillow cases and turned them into a lovely summer skirt.  The cotton was really worn and so soft, ahhh, and had heavy crocheted lace trim, ohhh.  It was the easiest thing.  Open them up along the seams, sew the sides

together to make a skirt.  I used some wide satin ribbon I had on hand for the waist band and ran elastic through it.  Voila.

The big thing was dealing with all the signs of old age (ain't it the truth) - rips and stains.  I took care of that with lots of pockets out of linens, silks, dotted swiss; embroidered snowflake-like designs on smaller "problem" areas; added rosettes made out of bits of lace; made tiny bows from ribbon pieces, etc., etc.  And there you have it!  I just love it.  I paired it up with the camisole I made the day before and another top I already had.  Wearing it I felt like a virgin, kissed for the very first time, like a viiirrrgiiiinn...

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