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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Name That Color

photo by Amira Fritz
Skirt update.  Seam-ripped two panels of an old button-down straight skirt in a linen-esque fabric.  Hard color to describe...a cross between taupe and greenish-gold.  Needed to do something to make it fit again: thought of adding a panel of contrasting color, but wanted the same weight and texture as the original material.  Actually found it in my stash.  And who knows what

color it is!  Although I think they go well together in an unusual kinda way.  I would describe it as salmon and dusty rose, with perhaps a hint of mauve thrown in.

Anyway I had just enough of it to add side panels to the skirt from waistband to hem.  What took the longest were 1) ripping the seams apart since they were done with a serger, and 2) finishing all the new seams, since the stuff ravels like crazy.  Oh and 3) figuring out what to do to cover that tiny, but noticeable stain on the front button hole panel.  Took a day and night of thinking and trying things to come up with my final answer.

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