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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remove Stuff And Then Add Lace

Designed by Marchesa
Hmmm.  Been using my new dress form to drape on a million possibilities.  So cool.  Unbelievable how straightforward it is now to cut up and re-format old clothes, or figure out something from scraps of fabric, etc. Biggest problem is focusing on one thing at a time and sticking to it.  One thing inspires another and another - like popcorn kernals when they finally get hot enough to start poppin' --  you can't stop 'em.

I did finally focus on down to one thing, eventually, I guess... I spent all day ripping apart an old silk mandarin-style top, size S(!).  Ripped out the collar, loops, buttons, and let out the facings.

The fabric was a great taupe color with a embossed floral print.  Decided to add pale pink/salmon lace to the extended facing turned lapels.  That also took forever because I had to piece the lace and hand sew it on since I didn't want the stitching to show.  Days.  But I think my silk & lace top looks really nice and I have a whole ensemble waiting in the wings to be made/ re-created to go with it.

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