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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sew Asian

image from Japan Talk
Re-constructed a cotton tie-dyed jacket I made when I was in my Asian-esque phase, oh seven years ago or so. 
It used to have a mandarin type collar and those corded loop and ball closures.  I kinda hated to take it apart because it was

sewn rather well (for me!), but if I wanted to wear it again any time soon...So out came the seam ripper to take apart the facings and a bit of hem.  The extra material from the facing was huge and integrated not only into the collar but also the sleeve inset, so I had some resewing to do in places.  And ironing.  And hand hemming.  Now it's more drape-y and can be worn hanging open or overlapped and closed - as you can see on the clothes page.

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