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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Two-For Today

photo by Otto at Art Chicago 2008
First one up was a store-bought Asian-esque top that needed to get roomier.  After some debating I decided to go for the side insert trick.  (Rather than the labor-intensive, de-construction of the fabric button loops, the collar and side facings, removing and resewing all the buttons, etc., etc., etc. - that was done for the previous Mandarin top.)  Since this particular piece was made from a drape-y fabric and already patch-work looking, I thought an insert that also flowed would work just fine.  So, funky leopard skin meet Japanese print. 

The second piece is a redo of a redo that I wasn't satisfied with as soon as

I posted it on 8-30-11 Full Transparency Here.  I've been playing around with that multi-pieced transparent dress ever since then.  I removed all the lace in between sections and the brown band around the middle which really didn't do me any favors, let me tell ya.  Then I raised the skirtline to more of an empire waist and sewed it on.  It was very difficult to do because of the slippery, raveliness of the fabric and the fact that I had already ripped it apart twice.  But it's done now and looks much better.  As it is I wouldn't wear it as a dress (it's too short!), but as a tunic over pants or a longer skirt.

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