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Friday, January 6, 2012

Add-To Re-Do

photograph by Rosie Hardy.
Decided to add to a redo the other day.  That long white embroidered tunic top where I removed most everything - collar, cuffs, pockets, etc.  But I had been over zealous in my remodeling, and there were consequences.  The chest pockets with buttoned flaps had been emphatically sewn in and required amputation at some point, leaving small holes in the fabric.  I had mended them with

 fusible interfacing and random machine stitches

(thinking it would blend into the embroidered stitching of the fabric itself.) didn't.  Actually it stood out and kind of puckered.  In odd places.  Wearing a vest solved that, but really...

So I went through my fabric stash...and found some very fine netting in white with a slight shimmer to it, just enough to cover the top portion like a yoke.  It worked well to conceal my errors of judgment in an interesting, yet subtle way.  I planned on zig-zag stitching it on with white thread, until the rainbow-colored thread caught my eye.  I figured that would give it a little something-something so you'd notice the tulle was actually there.  And voila.

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