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Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Need of Pantaloons

artwork by Marilyn Murphy
Dug through my stash of "does not fit clothing" and found 3 pair of yoga capri-length pants that actually do fit - well let's say I can get them on easily enough, but in certain areas they fit more like leggings.  But as ever, I saw potential!  Pantaloons, says I.  And just in time for the dip in winter temperatures - I could use something warming under all those skirts I've been making.

I recently saw instructions for making ruffles that was brilliant (unfortunately I can't remember where).  The kind where you don't gather them, they just gently ruffle as if cut on the bias.  The technique was to just cut a spiral out of a small section of cloth, I mean

small, like I used one T-shirt sleeve for the ruffle on both legs of a pair of yoga pants!  So I did that for a gray pair and then a black pair of pants.  For the other black pair I used ric-rac trim around the hem which caused it to ruffle out on its own.  Very cute. 

I wore the gray pantaloons the next day under my reversible T-skirt with a tunic top, vest, and boots to a coffee date with a friend.  We got to sit in front of the fire place drinking our cafe au laits.  warm and cozy that.

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