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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Am Kimono Cut ReDo

artwork by Kyung Oak Lee.
Went back to work on my Kimono Dress from my first Japanese Sewing Book, I Am Cute Dresses.  This is the one that, while translated into English, you still have to create your own pattern based on your measurements and the diagrams.

I've since learned that I had enlarged the scale incorrectly and that's why it never really fit well.  Now that I know more about grading and the slash-and-spread method, I decided it was time to adjust my kimono dress as best I could from where it's at.

While it seemed counter-intuitive (& practically sacrilegious), I went with taking in an inch at both the back and front center (thereby creating a center seam in the middle of the front and back panel!)

But it worked and really didn't look bad at all.  I also adjusted the flow of the shoulder line a bit, cleaned up the seam edges, ripped out some supercilious stitching I had done around the sleeves, and put in side pockets while I was at it.  

I look forward to making the I Am Kimono Cut Dress again, with my new found knowledge and getting it right from the get go.

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