Project Minima:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Once Was Lost...

photo by Maggie Osterberg.
Found some old jeans (high-waisted with a pleated front, baggy but light-weight and very faded).  And they didn't fit.  So, I removed the front of the waistband that covered the pleats and unpleated them allowing the pants to hang lower on my hips.  Added another waistband to fit from scrap fabric in a similar light blue color.

They also needed more length, so I took out the hem of the pant legs.  Turned out to be quite a bit of fabric there and it looked really cool how it had worn and faded.  Pressed everything, tried it on, adjusted the waistband slightly to fit better and I'm ready to go...or lounge around...


  1. Pat, it reminds me of teenage years when we all took out the hems of our jeans because they had to be toooo long. Remember when we were adding those woven bands at the bottom for a hippie look? Those were the days.

  2. Well now Lindsay, being a hippie type, I did not put those woven bands on my bells...but I did add some awesome inserts to make them even wider bell bottoms.

    peace out.