Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Process Pending

artwork by Cecilia Paredes.
Wow, what a whirlwind I'm in.  I rediscovered some pattern pieces I had cut out for a vest a long while ago and never sewed together - 3 of them actually.  It's a really cool kimono-type thing that is now a wee bit small but easily adjustable.  I decided to go ahead and put them together with minor additions.  I'm having fun exploring all the fabric mix and matching.

Once I got going I kept changing things up, what with the additions, and then deciding not to line it, but go reversible while I was at it.  Each piece is made up of a front, back, side panels and collar, plus tie fasteners.

So ditto for the reversible aspect - except the kimono collar is constant.  Then add 2 side strips for adjustment. I usually make the front and back the same fabric, with the sides different and the collar another, and the additional strips another.  Trying to get that all working together, including the reversible part is a challenge that I enjoy, but takes time.  The vest is a great way to use up small scraps of fabric that I love, but that aren't big enough for anything else.

For whatever reason, I seem to be working on all 3 vests (or should I say 6!) at the same time, so it's very slow going in terms of producing anything.  Not that I care.   I'm also trying to figure out how side seam pockets fit in with the reversible aspect...Oh and I have got to get one of those "turner-outers" tools for skinny tie fasteners.  I spent hours trying to do that with what I have on hand and then finally quit about half-way through.  I need 4 ties for each vest.  So that's tomorrow's outing.

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