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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Good with Scraps

stitch-work by Hinke Schreuders.
...and learning a thing or two in the making of my Reversible Vest #2 (with one more to go.)  This time I used fabric pieces that were already reversible.

First up, I learned how to officially make a flat felled seam since I needed both inside and outside to have neat-looking seams.  It was actually easy once I knew what they were and how to do it.  I also opted for bias tape around all the edges (except for the collar) for the same reason.  Made a continuous strip 'o bias tape from a small remnant (18" sq.) of black and white print cotton - tiny white outlines of hearts on a black background. ...ahhh.

I barely had enough of some fancy-smancy black fuzzy fabric embroidered with

metallic ribbons & threads to patch together a collar.  And some beautiful Native American woven fabric that I had to piece to use for the back.  Some tiny strips of silver-mesh-over-gray-camo I had trimmed from my kimono dress were turned into the tie fasteners.  The other scraps I chose for the vest were big enough to use without having to resort to piecing.  yea.

Also learned, albeit after the fact, how to miter corners with bias tape, both outer and inverse ones.  So those inner corners on the vest are still of the fudged variety.  Better later...

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