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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tunic Tune-Up

doll by Liat Yaniv.
Just like the other one. Only in red this time.  Seemed like too much red for my taste this time around - though maybe I could dye it at some point...

Meanwhile, it was an easy fix to fit.  Ripped open the side seams all the way into the sleeves about two inches.  Still had the same fabric stashed away too, so I inserted a long, narrow fabric wedge. I did learn to add the side seam pockets while working on the side seam addition though. (yea for the results of trial & error!)  Didn't have enough of the same fabric, so used solid red for the pocket insides.  I obsessively cleaned up all the seams I hadn't gotten to when I first sewed the top.  Then relocated all the buttons.  Was going to change them up, but in the end I liked the ones that were there the best.  Easy-peasy.

BTW, I wore it on Valentine's Day for a cafe date with my husband.

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