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Friday, February 3, 2012

Take an Ordinary Coat...

Takashi Kawada, designer
...and do something with it.  I removed all the buttons that made my old camel coat double-breasted and changed it into a single row of buttons by replacing them (both in terms of style and location).  I actually chose plainer buttons that were the color of the coat, but I used a pinkish-coral color thread to sew them on and changed the direction of stitches from x's to +'s, if you get my drift.

Once I did the buttons, however, I saw there were tiny moth holes throughout the coat.  oh dear.  I hadn't worn it for umpteen years.  I put bits of blue painters' tape to mark wherever I noticed a hole and then proceeded to sew on sequins and seed beads, or sometimes tiny pearls over the area.

So, it's kinda weird, I guess.  This traditional camel coat, with bits of flotsam and jetsam - only its really sequins and beads - laying all about.  I decided to make a statement then and there, and took my Sewing Rebellion Badge and made it into a pin (brooch?) to wear on the lapel.  Like a sign...or directions, maybe.

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