Project Minima:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keep Calm and Sew On

Illustration by Virginia Johnson.
My Mandala Jacket is derived from pattern J of the Happy Homemade Vol. 1 Japanese sewing book.  Deviations are:  side seam pockets rather than patch, button closures rather than just left open, sleeves longer than 3/4, and no side attached tie belt.  And I used fabric from my stash from way back when.

I must confess I made so many sewing mistakes it was unbelievable - even to me!  I'm not going to relive them all in the telling, but suffice it to say my mind must have been elsewhere or something to that effect...

Nevertheless it came out wearable and I still like it.  (shoo-whee.)

And see my Clothes Collages page for the jacket in action!


  1. You blog is wonderful! What a stunning jacket.

    1. Oh thank you, coming from The Style Crone, I'm in awe...