Project Minima:

Friday, April 6, 2012

My New Dress!

Painting by Alex Gross.
Finished my new Happy Dress!  Another one of my old mini shifts with matching boxers...brought back to life in the 21st century.  Just going through the cycle of life, first by mass destruction then by re-creation.  Yep, I ripped out every seam there was in both the dress and the shorts (ok, except for the neckline).  Eventually decided upon the hot pink paisley bit of fabric from my stash as the contrasting element and went from there.  It's slightly different than the black dotted dress with the French buttons, but still a similar concept.

This dress makes me smile whenever I look at it - and - I think it'll go great with the new pink sox I made!

And check out my Clothes Collages to see my Happy Dress in action!


  1. Oh, I saw your Happy Dress and now I'm happy too!

  2. I love your happy dress - I could use a happy dress myself!