Project Minima:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recovering Soles

Buddha's Footprints, Amaravati, India.
Now I'm really getting into the nitty gritty.  Stuff you really don't want to pay attention to...but, sometimes you just can't put it off any more.  You know what I mean - everyone gets down to it sooner or later -  really yucky insoles.

Blame it on Spring, Spring cleaning and getting to the back of the closet.  That's what happen with me and all those shoes being unearthed.  I started re-looking at them, repairing some, refashioning others.  But the insoles...unspeakable.

Well, I decided to take care of business.  I kept thinking what could I do about it without spending any money since my shopping ban was

still in effect.  Finally, one day it came to me...I said in passing to my true love, do we still have that bubble wrap for wrapping artwork?  Moments later I had huge boxes of the stuff.  Even better it was gigantic sheets of bubble wrap that had one side coated with thin foam sheeting.  Perfect.  That's the back story.  You can see the results in pictures here.


  1. You are amazing! Recycling in such a creative manner!

    1. Thanks for saying, SC. Just getting rid of some stuff to save other stuff, I'm guessing...