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Friday, April 20, 2012

More Shoe Re-Do's

sculpture by Gwen Murphy.
Aghh...not that extreme!  More of the wearable kind. Like a pair of heavy-duty brown suede sandals - nothing wrong with them except being boring as all get out.  I thought my iridescent acrylic copper paint might pull them out of the doldrums.  Rubbed it on with my finger to get a more antique look.  Yep, they remind

me of Ben Hur, or...ah...? 
The other pair was taupe suede platforms that I never wore because they rubbed me the wrong way - just a bit too tight at the toe.  I performed surgery with my exacto-knive making a peak-a-boo cutout at the top of the toe area.  Then using strong glue and heavy duty fasteners, I folded the triangular piece of fabric back down onto the inner sole to create a clean edge.  They look terrific and fit just fine now, thank you very much.

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