Monday, May 20, 2019

Day 20 MMM'19: I'm Baaaack!!!

More or Less...
~ hmmm ~

What to say or not to say, that is the question.  Well, my computer's back with a new solid state electronic hard drive.  Half the data on my old hard drive was lost.  I had a back-up always attached and running.  Now my files are partially here and there somewhere.  Everything's been re-booted or re-uploaded so nothing is set as it was and I've been having a very interesting time finding myself around here.

But the show must go on.

~ and here I am in a mish-mash of stuff ~

At least it's all in the same burning bush color family.  Everything's been worn before, but not together in this particular way.  The top is from a failed Tina Givens Tessa pattern made out of challis.  I also made pants to go with it.  I'm wearing linen pants on this occasion using Tina Givens Greta pattern.

~ and now for the burning bush part ~

There was a bit of a chill in the air, so don we now a thin knit version of Tina Givens Leigh Coat pattern.

~ with tie-dyed charcoal markings ~

~ and orange Trippen shoes from ebay ~



  1. So sorry I just can't get past that coat! Total elegance and swoon.
    Happy that you may have some version of cyberspace available to you now!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I rarely wear it, feels a bit too biblical for me. However it did seem appropriate given the circumstances. Yes, I'm up now, and if not running, then with a bit of hop, skip and jumping.

  2. I love the reds. They are having a party at your house, and they invited you.

    KIDS! This is why you buy that gazumpty gigabite portable drive for the stuff that it would kill you to live without, and you back that sucker up on a schedule like you'd DIE if you didn't. It's worth it. Sincerely yours, A Grateful Gal Who's Glad She GigaDidIt.

    1. Yes, and I'm almost back to my new normal here. My back up is always on backing up. But with the damaged old hard drive bits and pieces being "saved" by the repair. It's been like whack a mole.


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