Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Day 22 MMM'19: It's All Printz!

~ and I'm showing them off ~

Right here, right now.

 Well, let me back up a bit

~ I made a new raincoat. ~

  One where I can't possible get rained on,

~  because I'm covered from head to ankle ~

~ it's gotta whole lotta zip going on ~

Like a 48" (or was it 58"?) 2-way super-duper zip in the front.  Another for the hood, and 2 more for the welt pockets.   It's like a Transformer Coat.

I used an old Michael Kors Vogue 2378 patternBut my favorite part is the charmeuse lining paired with it.

~ uhuh ~

worn with an Indian Sari scarf a friend gave me.

Underneath all that, we have some pieces...
~ ... I've worn plenty of times ~

Just never together before.  And look how they shine for each other.  The stretch knit leopard-esque top made from Tina Givens Olivia pattern has usually been worn with my brown cord bloomers, last seen here.

And my gold/green silk dupioni harem pants from Sandra Betzina's Vogue 1355 pattern are usually worn with a similar green-gold color.  Except for earlier this week, when I accidentally ended up with this raspberry-gold scheme, here.

~ and my so ancient Docs that I don't even know where they came from ~

That's it for today, folks.

But first I simply must add my floral maximus to Spy Girl's May Flowers link-up!


  1. love it!

    say, i'd love to know what size shoe you wear and your thoughts on sizing for the different brands you regularly rock. there are certain brands i've discovered either via you or pinterest (etx) but when i find something on ebay, i'm reticent to pull the trigger many times because it's too risky. some brands run smaller so you size up. some shoe brands are true-to-size in most styles but a few you size up or down (like trippen). i'm a 9/40 in the trippen cup and happy styles, most of their styles but the "vivienne" shoe we both share runs one size big so i size down to a 39 in only that with excellent results. still, they offer other shoes in that closed style with a different sole (i think the shoe you wore earlier this week?) that i find on ebay but am not sure if it runs true or runs big. many times, you can't return ebay scores. :( (and Doc's run pretty true but don't typically offer a 9.5 so it's either a size 9 or 10. either just fits with no socks or too big with socks.)

    sorry this is a long comment.

    do you regularly wash you dupioni silk pants or hand wash/hang dry and spray starch to add some of the original crisp-ness back to them before wearing?

    have a great day!! looking forward to seeing what you wear tomorrow :)

    1. Hi darling dearie, I wear a size 8 supposedly. But whenever I'm considering a pair of shoes via ebay, I always ask the seller to measure the length from heel to toe - from the inside if at all possible - and the width across the toe area. If they don't respond, I don't buy. For typical Docs, I know 8 fits, so that's what I get. I rarely buy anything slip on because it's too hard to judge how it will fit - like ballet slippers, loafers... It has to tie, zip, be a boot, something that can't fall off.

      I cold wash all my clothes/fabric and line dry them. The first time I wash fabric I still do it in cold water, but will put them in the dryer so if it's going to shrink it will do it then and not after I make something out of it. I don't do that for coat material because I don't wash coats anyway. I don't spray starch anything, nor do I use softener, etc.

      I think that's everything.

    2. thank you for taking the time to share your shoe sizing wisdom with me, your methods make total sense! you are lucky so many amazing shoes are offered in your size, too.

      as for fabrics, yes, i always wash mine in cold and dry in the dryer prior to cutting them out, too. except for silk dupioni. i love the original crisp-ness of the fabric before it's washed, so if i use that, it's usually for something special occasion that will be worn once or perhaps a few more times if i'm extra careful not to get it dirty or spilled on the first time it was worn. i've found that the crisp body i adore of silk dupioni totally changes if it's washed and dried or even dry cleaned, it never (for my preference) has the same amount of sheen as when first bought, either. that's why i was curious about your trousers. i don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets. nothing will ruin dark fabric faster, not to mention, it's not good for your dryer (or the lint hose) either! i do like spray starch when i want something linen or cotton to be extra crisp and tidy for a little longer than it normally would when worn.

      thanks again! looking forward to tomorrows outfit...

    3. I haven't had any problem washing the silk dupioni. I've made that pink dress and those harem pants out of it and they didn't seem to really change texture or anything. I think they still have that silky sheen.

  2. Silver goes with everything.

    I preshrink everything, and then machine wash and line dry most everything and occasionally will put the already dry item in the dryer to soften it up. The shoe measurement advice is good - even the European sizing is off now and then. My feet are wide, so if I find a Trippen (which are reasonably easy to flip if they don't fit) style that works, I will stick with it.

    The Vivienne is probably my favorite (although I do love my Rhinos) and I am looking for a pair that aren't red or black. Silver would be perfect.

    1. I have silver Trippens, similar to the Vivienne in that the strap wraps around the ankle. (I don't know it's name.) What are Rhinos?

  3. Now that's a damn good raincoat. I don't understand raincoats that don't come with a hood, or don't even cover your butt.

    1. Exactly. A hood at a minimum. I was originally going to make it out of faux leather. Can you imagine? Thank goodness I saw the light before I cut into it.


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